Winter Session courses are listed as part of the Spring 2020 term. You must select “Spring 2020” for the term to include WinterSession courses (section number as WINT).

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Please note that course listings and availability are subject to change. For complete and up-to- date details on Winter Session courses, please visit the MaineStreet Class Search or call 207.581.3143.

Winter Session courses are listed in MaineStreet as part of the Spring 2020 term. You must enter “Spring 2020″ for the term, and then select “Winter Session” under “Session” in the MaineStreet Class Search.

  • MaineStreet Class Search
    • Use the Class Search feature to search for classes within a specific institution and term. Choose an institution and term from the drop-down boxes. Note: For Winter Session you must select SPRING 2020.
    • To get just a list of Winter Session courses, select Winter Session under the “Session” drop down menu.
    • Type in name of the Subject.
    • Click on Search to display a list of available classes.
    • You may leave the “Course Subject” box blank. In this case when you click on Search, all the courses offered at the institution for the selected term will be listed.
    • Scroll through the list to identify the course you are interested in. Click on the Section of the selected class.
    • Take note of the relevant registration details, such as the Course Number, Class Name, Section Number and number of Credits. You will need these to fill in the registration form.

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