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What is Peer Wellness Coaching?

A peer wellness coach is a resource available to all UMaine students free of charge.  You can meet with a coach regularly to discuss your health & wellness habits, identify healthy goals and brainstorm ideas to help you reach those goals.  A coach will motivate and support you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself and empower you to draw upon your unique abilities and strengths to achieve success!

We take a Mind, Body, & Spirit approach to health & wellness, believing that these three aspects of a person’s life are intertwined and contribute to their overall well-being.  A coach will help you identify goals to improve your physical fitness, nutrition, academic success, time & stress management, your happiness and much more.  Everybody can benefit from a wellness coach!


Peer Wellness Coaching Request Form

  • If you were referred to LiveWell by an individual coach and would like to meet with them specifically, please indicate their name below
  • Please feel free to add any notes, comments, or questions you may have!


What can I expect from this program?

You can expect to meet with a friendly, engaged coach who will help you reflect on your current health and wellness habits and guide you in creating a plan to make changes and set goals so that you can become the healthiest version of you!


How often do I meet with my Coach?

Together, you and your coach will decide how often you meet based on your schedules. We recommend meeting with your coach about once a week but you may decide to meet more or less frequently than that; it’s up to you and the coach!


Where will I meet with my Coach?

Together, you and your coach will decide on an on-campus meeting location. You may decide to meet over lunch at the Bear’s Den for example, or you may choose a private room in the Union. Note that your coach will not meet with you in your dorm rooms if you live on campus.

For more information please contact Rebecca Sprague at