Event Registration

Looking to host an event?

If you’re a student hosting an event you must register your event and obtain all required signatures at least one month in advance. To understand more, read on.

Any student organization registered party applications must be completed the end of business day one month prior to the event with accompanying documentation and signatures. For example, a form submitted with all required signatures for an event on Friday the 15th, must be submitted one month prior to the event.

The Requirement

Any student hosted event is expected to be registered at least one month in advance.  If the event is on or off campus you must think about the type of event, how many people will attend the event, the location with room set up, its capacity, will alcohol be served, how will you handle security, before you meet with the required personal to sign off on your event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are off-campus events required to be registered?

  • So that we know where a large group of people will be so we can ensure safety
  • So that there is better communication and better relationships between students and administration
  • So that in the event of a problem, police officers can text or call hosts to check in rather than unnecessarily breaking up the party
  • So that the hosts know the police and feel comfortable calling for help if necessary

Aren’t off-campus parties outside the jurisdiction of the Undergraduate relations?

  • No – Section I-B-4 the University can demonstrate a clear and distinct interest as an academic institution regardless of where the conduct occurs and which seriously threatens (a) any education process or legitimate function of the University or (b) the health or safety of any individual.

Is this policy enforced?

  • Yes, when it comes to the attention of the police or the university. Police officers aren’t proactively counting people, but if a party draws attention to itself, any violations of this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

What if its to late to register?

  • Better late then never,While the requirement is four working days in advance, any notice is better than no notice at all. and will still help keep everyone safe, and may save the party from being broken up in the event of a problem. And both the police and the Dean’s office(whomever we choose) will appreciate some notice more than none.

Who sees the information I put in the registration form?

  • The information you input will go to the (insert here) office, and the Umaine/Orono/Old Town Police. Generally, the only response you’ll get from this information is that a police officer may check in with you to see if you have any concerns and make an introduction.


If you have any questions in regards to the University of Maine’s polices please see University policy and law.