two people with light bulbOnline tutoring is up and running!

Here are a few things that you need to know (PLEASE READ BEFORE REQUESTING AN APPOINTMENT):

  1. We will be using Google Apps such as Drive, Docs, and Hangouts. Access to these applications is provided to you via your school email address, please use this email when registering for an appointment.

  2. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE AN ONLINE APPOINTMENT ON OUR REGULAR SCHEDULE – WE HAVE A SEPARATE FORM. Please fill out the form (click here) and our Online Tutor Coordinator will email you with a time and tutor. Please request an appointment at least 24 hours prior to your requested time frame, and allow us as much availability as possible. You can view tutor availability here, but need to register for an account.

  3. When scheduling an appointment, you can request one when there are no tutors scheduled, we just cannot guarantee that you will receive the tutorial. Please try to schedule when their is already a tutor working. Please do not request a tutorial when a tutor already has an appointment


  4. You will then appear on our regular schedule. This ensures the tutor receives the appropriate documents, which are uploaded at the end of the form.

  5. If you only have the assignment and need advice, please upload the assignment, or any notes you have from the class which you would like the tutor to consider.
  6. We prefer to meet with you via Google Hangouts so we can continue to provide face-to-face style interaction, however, if this is unable to you, we can also utilize the chat feature in Google Docs.
  7. Below are links to more information regarding the apps, including tutorials, question and answer forums, as well as our schedule, the form to request a tutorial, and other online writing centers and resources.
  8. Please direct other questions to