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Writing Consultant  Coordinators and Peer Writing Consultants

Jane Horovitz
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Kate Follansbee
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ELL Specialists

Erin Wight
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Jim McCarthy
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Paul England
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Writing Consultants

Sean Van Newkirk
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Nola Prevost
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Nolan Alvater
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Arend Thibodeau
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Nate Poole
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Alexandra Requena
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Ellie Warger
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Gabrielle Begos
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Olivia Johnson
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Cassie Lucci
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Michaela White
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Kevin Cass
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Molly Mazzucco
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Graduated Writing Consultants

Cara Morgan
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Jennifer MacArthur
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Paisley Keene
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Will Rosenberger
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Katie Skvorak
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Anna Kulinski
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Peer-tutor alum, Connor Ferguson
Peer-consultant alumnus, Connor Ferguson
Connor Ferguson
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Sam Johnson
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