Black Bears To Go

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Welcome to Black Bears To Go, a program of the Black Bear Exchange serving students, faculty and staff of the University of Maine.   

****We are open Wednesday and Saturday for pick ups to reduce the number of days staff are coming to campus. 

Black Bears To Go is an online ordering system for the Black Bear Exchange that allows drive thru pickup.  This will be extremely helpful while we are trying to practice social distancing.  We will be wearing gloves while preparing orders and delivering orders.

Read the instructions carefully.  You will choose items and choose how many of those items you wish to have.  If there are limits, they are listed.  For this week, your total items should not exceed 15.  This will not count for you so please keep track.  We have had a lot more people coming in than we expected, but we are working on access to more food!

Produce items will be chosen when you check in.  We are getting new produce items frequently so it is hard to keep the online list updated.  When you check in, we will tell you what items are available, and you can choose.  These will not count toward your 15.

At the bottom of the form you will choose a pick up date and time.  You can only come in once per week.  The times are 15 minute appointments.  It is important that you arrive during this time so we can control traffic.  You may find that the time you selected has already been chosen by someone else.  If that happens, just choose another time.  There will be plenty! (If you cannot get to the BBE or if you are required to isolate, please email We want to help!)

Remember to double check your number of items before you finish.  Once you have the order complete, hit submit.  We will review your order and contact you if we have any questions.

To pick up, please drive to the BBE.  Enter the village on the walkway at the end of the parking lot in front of the Bryand Global Sciences Building and drive on the walkway next to the BBE.  We will have signs up to direct you and have someone there to meet you.  Your order will be brought out and put in your car.  You will exit to the Aroostook Parking Lot.

Once we get this going, we will also use the order form to find new products that we can make available to help you.  It will be a great way to get feedback from everyone.

If you have any questions, please email

The order form for the week is released on Tuesday by noon and open until Saturday at 9:00 am.