Richard Corey

Richard (Rick) has one of three Ph.D.s in collaborative practices and an MFA. He is the  Director for the VEMI Lab and an Associate Graduate Faculty in the School of Computing and Information Science. In 2008 he joined Dr. Nicholas Giudice to create the VEMI Lab and established its goal to create high standards of research along with advanced multidisciplinary undergraduate research education in a collaborative environment. His goal is to create students who are fluent in human subject research, creative problem solvers, strategic thinkers, and leaders in their fields.  Rick brings thirty years of leadership experience as the former President of Artistek design, as well as his current position as Vice President for the Core Five Incident, a non-profit institute that brings art and collaboration to communities around the world. Rick maintains his professional art career by sneaking off to his studio whenever he can find free time.


Dr. Richard Corey’s CV