Faculty Positions 

The University of Maine’s School of Computing and Information Science (http://umaine.edu/scis/) seeks applicants for 2 full-time, tenure-track positions.

Assistant Professor of Spatial Informatics, with research foci in HCI, spatial cognition, spatial linguistics, assistive spatial technologies, or machine learning in spatial contexts (such as wayfinding or autonomous navigation).

Assistant Professor of New Media, with a focus on creative computing, UX, & interaction design.


VEMI Student Positions

VEMI Lab Technical Writer position: The Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction (VEMI) Laboratory is recruiting technical writers interested in internship opportunities within an active lab environment. We are seeking students with clear and concise writing skills, including the ability to edit for both style and technical/scientific content. Students applying for this position should be able to conduct literature searches for scientific publications, assist with writing competitive research grants, and help with preparing applications for foundations and other funding sources. A strong interest in technical writing and a willingness to collaborate is preferred. Many of our projects involve collaborative learning that focuses on our new technologies. We are looking for students who embrace curiosity and have a drive to learn and succeed as part of our team.

VEMI Lab Logistics Coordinator: The VEMI Lab is looking for a student to fill the position of Logistic Coordinator. This position will be within the lab itself and does not require programming knowledge. We are looking for someone organized, personable, a good sense of design, above average writing skills, and is a creative problem solver. This position will include overseeing lab calendar and equipment usage. Assisting VEMI faculty/staff with on off-campus communications; and organizing public tours and professional collaborations.  Applicants should also be familiar with all social media outlets (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) as well as a basic knowledge of WordPress, and MS Office. Applying to this position means you have a willingness to learn, a desire to become part of a growing team, and a passion to improve yourself and others. This position works closely with the director of operations, by updating schedules, keeping track of daily tasks, and acting as a link between the director and the students. The position requires that the applicant be the leading activist for any and all VEMI public relations. They will be responsible for initiating and maintaining all VEMI tours, outreach programs, and anything media related. This job requires patience with daily tasks, and the ability to adapt in a creative, dynamic environment. Bonus Skills you might mention: grant writing, technical writing, programing, video editing, graphic design, marketing, engineering, acting, and have a love or a strong desire to work in a virtual reality lab. 

VEMI Lab Research Assistant: The Virtual Environment and Multimodal Interaction (VEMI) Laboratory at the University of Maine is currently seeking a part-time Undergraduate Research Assistant. The VEMI Lab investigates how current and emerging technology can be utilized to assist people in their daily lives. Current research focuses on topic areas such as spatial navigation with and without vision, improving non-visual information access, and semiautonomous vehicle interaction. The student filling this position will join, and work in collaboration with, a multidisciplinary team of researchers from various fields including psychology, computer science, engineering, and new media. Undergraduate research assistants are expected to contribute to research projects in many ways. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in the recruitment of participants
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Summarizing project results and assisting in developing materials for the presentation of research
  • Attending research and lab meetings
  • Working in collaboration with other researchers in the conceptualization, design, development, and implementation of research projects


If you are interested in any of the VEMI positions please send an email with your attached Resumé or CV to Richard Corey at Richard.r.corey@maine.edu

CIS Positions 

Maine Computing Learning Assistants: We are seeking second and third year computer science students or other students with significant programming skills to serve as Computing Learning Assistants (CLAs). Participation is likely to be fun and a great learning experience. The designated topics for which modules are likely to be developed (subject to revision) include (a) Programming with Scratch, (b) Programming Sensors, (c) Programming Robots, (d) Building a Sensor Communication Network, (e) Programming Drones, (f) GIS Database Development and (g) Virtual Reality Visualizations. One student CLA will be matched with a faculty expert under each of these topics and will work closely with that professor throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.

Wanted: computing learning assistants full-time for six weeks at the beginning of Summer 2017Tasks for CLAs during first Five Weeks, (a) review student critiques of a recent intro to programming semester course and make improvements to the course syllabus instructions and tutorials where students mention stumbling blocks in self-learning (highest priority is to review the Python module before moving on to others), (b) revise portion of semester course syllabus to develop 5-day course for H.S. students to cover Python self-learning tutorial, (c) revise the 5-day course to develop 4-day course for H.S. teachers along same lines, (d) develop final “computing that matters” projects that students were unable to complete during the semester course (e.g. use of sensors, robots, drones, GIS, VR or combinations of them for the final project) and create 2-3 minute videos of demos(e) develop module for smart phone to transfer sensor data wirelessly to computer/database, (f) additional or alternative deliverables?Tasks for CLAs during Sixth Week• mentor support for a one week session in either June or July