Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students


2017-2018 Rob Owens: Computer Science

2016-2018 Nicholas Jensen: Psychology

2016-2018 John San Diego: Computer Science

2017 Hanna Karas: New Media

2017 Todd Hawkins: Computer Science

2017 Eddie Abandanzoioi: Computer Science

2016-2017 Tyler Hine: Psychology

2016-2017 Dakoda Brown: Computer Science

2016-2017 Allarie Lever: University Studies

2015-2017 Kendra Bird: MS Quaternary & Climate Studies

2014-2017 Toni Kaplan: New Media

2015-2016 Scott Richards: Computer Science

2015-2016 Amy Fortier-Brown: New Media

2015-2016 Ethan Porter: Computer Science

2014-2016 Brenden Peters: Computer Science

2014-2016 Sam Gates: Computer Science

2014-2015 Peter Coleman: New Media

2014-2015 Jake Lavoie: Studio Arts

2014-2015 Clayton Peterson: Computer Science

2014-2015 Kristin Doherty: Communications 

2013-2014 Sylvia Allain: Computer Science

2013-2015 Meghan Hurlburt: Computer Science

2012-2017 Raymond Perry: Augmented and Virtual Reality for Information Visualization

2012-2015 Dustin Sleight: Mechanical Engineering / Theater

2012-2013 Michelle Beauchemin: Engineering Physics

2011-2012 Joshua Leger: Electrical and Computer Engineering

2011-2012 Ashley Suitter: Psychology

2011-2012 Meghan White: Political Science

2010-2017 Christopher Bennett: Spatial Cognition and Functional Equivalence

2010-2016 Hengshan Li: Spatial Cognition and Indoor Navigation.

2010-2013 Saranya Kesavan: Visual-spatial image conversion. 

2010-2012 Rafael Ramos: Psychology

2010-2012 Shrenyans Jain: Indoor Navigation Spatial Audio Interfaces.

2009-2015 Tim McGrath: Mechanical Engineering

2009-2011 Monoj Kumar Raja: Vibro audio touch screen interfaces for offline learning. 

2009-2010 Tim Baker: Mathematics