How to Join

How do I become a UVAC member?
In order to become a UVAC member, all applicants must complete the same application and hiring process, whether they are licensed as an Emergency Medical Technician or not. The major requirement for anyone applying is to have an affiliation with the University of Maine. This can be either as a student, faculty/staff member or as an alumni. Applicants without any affiliation will not be accepted.

Once the application is submitted along with the required materials listed below, our relations officers will contact you to setup an interview. After an interview is completed, a select number of applicants will be hired based on the recommendations of the interview committee and space available for new members.

The required application materials include:

  • Completed Online Membership Application
  • Two (2) reference forms
  • Complete an interview process with the UVAC Administration
  • A copy of your license if you are currently an EMS provider in Maine

What do I do after I become a member of UVAC?
After you have been accepted, you will begin a probationary period as a New Hire, during which you must show comfort and confidence as the role of the attendant. All members must be familiar with our policies and procedures and our equipment, and all must be compliant with local, state, and federal requirements.

Once you have completed your probationary orientation period, you are officially a UVAC Attendant. Your first shifts will be in a ride-along format, where you will function as a third member of the crew and experience what it is like to work in the emergency medicine setting. This gives you the opportunity to experience what a typical shift is like at UVAC and to become familiar with how shifts and calls are carried out. It is expected of all members to sign up for at least twenty-four (24) hours of volunteer shifts per month.

As a member of UVAC, you are encouraged to attend regular meetings and training sessions. You will be notified of these via your e-mail.

As a member of UVAC, you are expected to maintain a professional appearance and attitude at all times. We are looked upon as professionals in the field of Emergency Medical Services and it is of utmost importance that we maintain this image at all times. Our patients put their trust and well-being in our hands and acting in a professional manner builds their confidence in us; it also extends a positive image of UVAC to the University, to other EMS professionals, and to the members of the surrounding community.

Lastly, as a member of UVAC, you are expected to be actively involved with this service. By attending meetings and training sessions, working shifts, and asking questions and learning about EMS at UVAC, you will be taking an active role in this service and its functions. We value the skills, knowledge, and life experience that everyone brings to UVAC.

Some of the Basics about UVAC Membership
General meetings and training sessions are usually held on Monday evenings at Cutler Health Center, in the UVAC Classroom.  Information about meeting times, training topics and other general items is often posted in UVAC quarters and e-mailed out to current and future members. All members are strongly encouraged to attend all meetings; as attending shows your true willingness to be involved. Meetings generally consist of a business meeting to discuss issues pertaining to UVAC, as well as a training session.

Shifts at UVAC are scheduled as follows. Crews may go about their regular schedule (attend classes, meetings, etc.), but they must remain on campus. Day shifts are flexible and can be scheduled around classes. Night shifts start at 1900 and go until 0800 the next day. It is mandatory that all on-duty crew members respond to a call if paged out.

The student officers are in charge of scheduling. Each week, a different officer is in charge of assigning the shifts for duration of the week. Members are granted the volunteer shifts that they request on a first-come-first-serve basis. When you are scheduled for a shift, it is imperative that you arrive on time and ready to work. Once scheduled, members have a responsibility to work their shift or to find another person to cover. If you cannot find coverage, notify the On Duty Supervisor and they will assist you.

If you have any other questions or problems, please contact the student officers. They will be glad to give you a hand in your new transition. Most importantly, be willing to learn and participate!