Leadership Studies Track (available fully online)

Leadership Studies Track (24 credits)*
Faculty Coordinator: Richard Powell

Required Courses (12 credits)
LDR 100: Foundations of Leadership (online)
LDR 200: Leadership Ethics (online)
LDR 300: Advanced Leadership Theory & Practice (online)
LDR 499: Leadership Engagement Practicum  (online/independent study)

Leadership Behavior and Skills Elective (3 credits)
Select one course from the following list:
CMJ 102:  Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication
CMJ 103:  Fundamentals of Public Communication
CMJ 345:  Small Group Communication: Service-Learning
CMJ 347:  Argument and Critical Thinking
CMJ 360:  Nonverbal Communication
CMJ 367:  Public Relations (online)
CMJ 370:  Visual Communication
ENG 317:  Business and Technical Writing (online)
ENG 415:  Advanced Report & Proposal Writing
ENG 418:  Topics in Professional Writing
INV 180:  Create: Innovation Engineering I
INV 282:  Communicate: Innovation Engineering II
MSL 401:  Adaptive Leadership
NAV 303:  Leadership and Management
PAX 360:  Conflict Resolution: A Relational Approach to Working Through Conflict
PAX 451:  Mediation: Its Premises, Practices and Policies
PAX 470:  Sustainable Communication: The Theory and Practice of Nonviolent Communication

Leadership in Communities/Groups/Orgs Elective (9 credits)
Select three courses from the following list:
LDR 350:  Topics in Leadership Studies
ANT 270:  Environmental Justice Movements in the United States
ANT 470:  Religion and Politics (online)
BUA 325:  Principles of Management and Organization
BUA 327:  Business and Society
BUA 370:  Marketing
CHF 201:  Introduction to Child Development (online)
CLA 400:  Hero: Myth and Meaning (online)
CMJ 225:  Sex, Gender and Communication
CMJ 403:  Persuasion and Social Influence
CMJ 405:  Women and Communication
CMJ 420:  Health Communication
CMJ 430:  Intercultural Communication
CMJ 470:  Communication in Organizations
ECO 254:  Small Business Economics and Management
EDB 202:  Education in a Multicultural Society
EDB 221:  Educational Psychology
ENG 253:  Shakespeare: Selected Plays
HON 170:  Currents and Context
HON 308:  Visiting Scholar in Ethics Tutorial
HTY 279:  European Military History
HTY 401:  History of Greece
HTY 402:  Roman History
INV 401:  Experience: Innovation Engineering IV
KPE 209:  Wilderness First Responder
KPE 286:  Challenge Course Facilitator Skills
KPE 287:  Ropes Course Management
KPE 311:  Maine Wilderness Guide
KPE 344:  Principles of Coaching
MES 301:  Rachel Carson, Maine, and the Environment (online)
MSL 301:  Leadership and Problem Solving
MSL 302:  Leadership and Ethics
MSL 350:  The Evolution of American Warfare
MSL 402:  Leadership in a Complex World
NAV 303:  Leadership and Management
NAV 304:  Leadership and Ethics
NUR 409:  Professional Issues: Leadership and Organization
NUR 453:  Community Nursing Care Management
NUR 454:  Clinical Adult Nursing Management
PAX 290:  Nonviolence: Perceptions and Perspectives (online)
PAX 370:  Building Sustainable Communities (online)
PAX 400:  Martin Luther King and the Beloved Community
PAX 401:  Women Activists: Warriors for Peace and Justice (online)
PHI 230:  Ethics
PHI 231:  Topics in Applied Ethics
PHI 232:  Environmental Ethics
PHI 233:  Business Ethics
PHI 235:  Biomedical Ethics
PHI 236:  Feminist Ethical, Social and Political Theory
PHI 240:  Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 344:  Theories of Justice
PHI 345:  Global Justice
PHI 346:  The Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi
PHI 432:  Environmental Philosophy and Policy
POS 301:  Classical Political Thought
POS 302:  Medieval Political Thought
POS 303:  Early Modern Political Thought
POS 304:  American Political Thought
POS 305:  Late Modern Political Thought
POS 306:  Crafting the American Constitution (online)
POS 307:  Democratic Theory
POS 353:  The US Congress
POS 354:  The US Presidency
POS 357:  Film and Politics
POS 385:  Women and Politics
POS 386:  Religion and Politics in the United States
POS 474:  Conduct of Foreign Policy
POS 475:  International Security
POS 486:  Religious Thought, the American Identity, and U.S. Public Policy
PSY 230:  Social Psychology
PSY 251:  Psychology of Motivation (online)
PSY 423:  The Psychology of Parenting
SFR 106:  Forest Land Navigation and Outdoor Preparedness
SOC 201:  Social Inequality
SOC 202:  Social Problems
SOC 301:  Microsociology: Interaction and the Self (online)
SOC 329:  Sociology of Gender (online)
SOC 482:  The Sociology of Religion
SWK 330:  Contemporary Issues in Diversity and Pluralism
SWK 350:  Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SWK 351:  Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
SWK 440:  Social Welfare Policy and Issues
THE 466:  Stage Directing
WGS 201:  Topics in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGS 230:  Women, Health, and the Environment (online)
WGS 301:  Intermediate Topics in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
WGS 340:  Transnational Feminisms

*Students must also complete BUS program requirements, university general education requirements, and all other UMaine graduation requirements.