Labor Studies Track (available fully online)

Labor Studies Track (24 credits)*
Faculty Coordinator:
Marc Cryer

Required Courses (6 credits)
LST 101: Introduction to Labor Studies (online)
LST 201: Work and Labor in a Global Economy (online)

Core Electives: At least one of following (3 credits)
BUA 331: Labor-Management Relations
HTY 477: The American Worker
PAX 360: Conflict Resolution: A Relational Approach To Working Through Conflict (online)
PAX 451: Mediation: Its Premises, Practices and Policies (online)
SOC 201: Social Inequality
WGS 201: Topics in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (online)

Electives (15 credits – select 5 courses from the list below)
CMJ 257: Business and Professional Communications
CMJ 367: Public Relations (online)
ECO 120: Principles of Microeconomics (online)
ECO 121: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 471: Public Finance and Fiscal Policy
ENG 212: Persuasive & Analytical Writing (online)
HTY 104: United States History II
HTY 241: History of Globalization, 1900-Present
HTY 330: Robber Barons, Reformers and Radicals 1877-1914
HTY 467: Early 20th Century America, 1914-1945
HTY 468: America Since 1945
HTY 492: Technology and Society Since 1800
HTY 494: Women, History and American Society: selected topics (Women and Work)
PHI 233:  Business Ethics
PHI 240:  Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 342:  Marxist Philosophy I: The Philosophy of Karl Marx
PHI 344:  Theories of Justice
PHI 345: Global Justice
POS 120: Introduction to World Politics (online)
POS 203: American State and Local Government (online)
POS 357: Film and Politics
POS 362: Maine Government
POS 363: Urban Government and Politics
POS 380: Interest Groups and American Politics
POS 381: Political Parties and Elections
POS 385: Women and Politics
POS 453: Political Behavior and Participation
SOC 302: Macrosociology: The Structure of Societies
SWK 330: Contemporary Issues in Diversity and Pluralism
WGS 101: Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
WGS 340: Transnational Feminisms

Or any of the courses listed above including electives, core electives, and Labor Studies courses.

*Students must also complete BUS program requirements, university general education requirements, and all other UMaine graduation requirements.

All Labor Studies classes are structured to be taught on line for students, workers, elected union leaders and staff, educators, public policy makers, and other members of the Maine community with an interest in labor relations and the labor movement. Anyone interested in taking a Labor Studies course should check with the Bureau regarding when they will be offered and how to register.

For more information, please go to: or email the Labor Studies track coordinator at