Rent the Club

The Club is available to rent. Guidelines are provided below. Please email the UClub Manager for more information or to schedule your function, or call 207.581.1655.

Rental Agreement form

Guidelines for the Use of The University Club located in the Lynch Room

  1. The University Club may be rented for special occasions and receptions. This is a non-transferable right, that is, the renter may not act as an agent for a third party and the renter must be present for the duration of the rental.
  2. The Club is available for rental Monday through Thursday, and Fridays or weekends at the discretion of the Club Board. Rental may begin at 3:00 pm for set-up and as early as 3:30 for the beginning of the Event. The Room may be rented as late as Fogler Library is open on that given date.
  3. The University Club can be booked through the UClub Manager. (581.1655 or Manager has the authority to book the Club within the prescribed guidelines. The Manager may choose to refer any extraordinary requests to the Club Officers for approval.
  4. Rental fees:
    •  For MEMBERS of the University Club: $50 per three (3) hour increments.
    •  For NON-MEMBERS: $125 per three (3) hour increments
  5. All food and/or beverage catering must be privately arranged by the renter with the University of Maine catering service (581.4718) or with a caterer of the renter’s choice. Please confirm your catering arrangements with the UClub Manager. No other food or beverage may be carried into the Club without prior permission of the Club Manager. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE FOOD AND/OR BEVERAGES ALLOWED OUTSIDE THE LYNCH ROOM IN THE LIBRARY PROPER.
  6. The renter is responsible for any property damage done to the Lynch room or its furnishings. The renter and the caterer are to move furniture as little as possible. Rugs may not be moved. The renter and the caterer are responsible for returning the Lynch Room to order at the end of the rental period. The renter bears the final responsibility for the condition of the room and furnishings.
  7. The Lynch Room has, at all times, seating for fifty-two (52), four (4) round tables which provide seating for six (6), and seven (7) smaller round tables which provide seating for four (4).
  8. Wireless Internet access is available in the University Club. If you require a screen for presentations, please contact Audio Visual Services, 581.2500, and they will deliver to the Club.   It is not the responsibility of the Club Manager or other staff to provide or monitor the delivery of  extra resources needed by the renter.
  9. The University Club is in conformity with the general no smoking policy for all campus buildings. The renter is responsible for the enforcement of this policy.
Wedding Reception
Wedding Reception, Photo courtesy of Jeff Kirlin