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Physical and Mathematical Sciences (101 – 104) | Business (201 – 203) | Education (301 – 304) | Allied Health (401 – 439) | Engineering and Information Sciences (501 – 559) | Arts (601 – 625) | Social Sciences and Humanities (701 – 738) | Natural Sciences (801 – 866  ) | Interdisciplinary Research (901 – 908) | Biomedical Sciences (1001 – 1107) 

Directory of Virtual UMSS22 Presentations

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

0101. Design, Construction, and Investigation of a Small Polarimeter – Undergraduate 

0102. Isolation and Analysis of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) Using TEAB Auxiliary – Undergraduate 

0103. Effect of Reducing Agent on Water-Stable Gold-aryl Nanoparticles – Undergraduate

0104. Examining the Impact of Question Order on Student Performance on Qualitative Physics Questions – Undergraduate


0201. Measuring Chinas Footprint in the United States – Undergraduate

0202. Expanding Maine’s Blue Economy through Aquaculture Business in Maine. -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0203. NIL Legislation and Sponsorship of D1 NCAA Athletes – Graduate


0301. Creating a Healthy Rural Ecosystem for Community Vitality: Developing Rural Business Research – Undergraduate

0302. Increasing Communication Opportunities in the Classroom Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) : A Systematic Literature Review – Graduate

0303. The Crypto Nest -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0304. The Study of Adult Learners in Distance Education: A Scoping Review of the Literature – Graduate

Allied Health

0401. Family Nurse Practitioner Student Perceptions of Simulation Based Education – Graduate

0402. Climate Change Affects Wild Mammal Ranges and Health; Will That Also Affect Infectious Disease Exposure Risk at Maine Farms? – Undergraduate

0403. Firefighter Cancer Risk: A Qualitative Study of the Current Perceptions and Practices Surrounding Cancer Prevention in the Fire Service in Maine – Graduate

0404. The Future of Nursing: Supporting Student Success – Graduate

0405. Utilization of Telemental Health Services in Rural Communities – Undergraduate

0406. Depressive Mood and Tobacco Use in Association with Cardiovascular Health – Undergraduate

0407. The Prevention of Necrotizing Enterocolitis through the Fortification of Human Milk – Undergraduate

0408. Addressing Human Sex Trafficking in Primary Care – Graduate

0409. Assessing the Impact of a Statewide Oral Health Education Program in Long-Term Care – Graduate

0410. Music Therapy as Pain Management for Postoperative Adult Patients –  Undergraduate

0411. Exploring Teaching Methods on the Topics of Leadership to Undergraduate Nursing Students – Graduate

0412. The Effectiveness of Electronic Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Systems in Healthcare Settings -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0413. For New Graduate Nurses, How Does a Nurse Education Program Addressing Coping Skills For Work-Related Stress Impact Job Satisfaction, Retention Rates, and Reduce Nurse Desensitization? –  Undergraduate

0414. Structured Stress Relief Programs on Reducing Compassion Fatigue in Palliative Nursing – Undergraduate

0415. Older Adult Caregivers and Factors Associated with Volunteering – Graduate

0416. Differing Outcomes in Men and Women After Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment – Undergraduate

0417. Addressing the Gap in Nursing Leadership Competency – Graduate

0418. Simulation-Based Learning in Nursing Education –  Graduate

0419. The Effects of Self Care Strategies on Reducing Burnout Amongst Nurses – Undergraduate

0420. Electronic Cigarette Use in Teenagers, Health Effects, and Solutions for Cessation – Graduate

0421. Efficacy of the FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program in Maine High School Soccer –  Undergraduate

0422. Nursing Burnout in Students – Undergraduate

0423. The Effect of Meditation and Alternative Self-Care Practices in Relieving Nursing Student’s Stress – Undergraduate

0424. Critical Care Nurses and Mental Health – Undergraduate

0425. Access in Healthcare Related to HIV Among Men Who Have Sex With Men – Undergraduate

0426. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Effectiveness in Eating Disorder Patients – Undergraduate

0427. Comparing Interventions for Inpatient Psychogeriatric Patients and General Inpatient Geriatric Patients When Assessing Fall Risk and Prevention Strategies – Undergraduate

0428. The Impact of Insomnia on Migraines – Undergraduate

0429. The Effects of Physical Exercise on A1C Levels in Patients with Type II Diabetes -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0430. Education and Exercise in Reducing Back Pain in New Graduate Nurses – Undergraduate

0431. Improving Patient Satisfaction Among Communication Impaired Adults – Undergraduate

0432. Wellness Room Utilization for Stress Reduction in Nursing Students to Promote Healthy Social and Family Relationships. – Graduate

0433. Vaping Adolescents and Lung Injury – Undergraduate

0434. Watching the Flock: How could Small Maine Poultry Farms be affected by an HPAI Outbreak? – Graduate

0435. Late Effects of Chemotherapy on Cancer Survivors -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0436. Negative Effects of COVID-19 on Nurse Burnout -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0437. Validating The Accuracy of a Waterproof pH Data Logger to Monitor Ruminal pH in Batch Cultures of Rumen Fluid Obtained from Dairy Cattle  – Undergraduate

0438. In adult patients with congestive heart failure, does following a cardiac exercise program compared to a lack of exercise implementation prevent hospital readmission within a 30 day period? -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0439. Hospital Food-Waste Prevention Programs and Their Environmental Impact –  Undergraduate


0501. An Automated Process for the Production of Rebar Reinforced Concrete Parts Using Additive Manufacturing –  Undergraduate

0502. Production of Renewable Diesel and Jet Fuel from Biomass-Derived TDO Oil – Graduate

0503. Turtlebot Mapping and Navigation – Undergraduate

0504. Combatting Nutrient Scarcity Using Adsorption of Phosphorus from Recirculating Aquaculture System Wastewater – Undergraduate

0505. The Performance Assessment of a Lighter-than-air Vehicle for Earth Science Remote Sensing Missions – Undergraduate

0506. Development of a Lightweight Embedded Machine Learning System for Obstacle Avoidance – Undergraduate

0507. Watch Your Flavors: Augmenting People’s Flavor Perceptions and Associated Emotions based on Videos Watched while Eating – Graduate

0508. Effects of Harsh Environmental Conditions on Mechanical and Physical Behaviors of Tough and Stretchable Hydrogels for the Benefit to Optical Fiber Technology – Undergraduate

0509. CEU-Net: Ensemble Semantic Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images Using Clustering – Graduate

0510. Design, Implementation, and Test of Spacecraft Antennae and a Ground Station for MESAT1 – Graduate

0511. Roll-to-Roll Manufactured Custom Textured Films for Low-Cost Pulsed Electric Field Water Purification Devices – Graduate

0512. JMG Student Site Check-In Application -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0513. The University of Maine Digital Program of Study Approval System -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0514. Scientific Terminology Extractor (SciTEx) – Undergraduate

0515. Top-Down Approach to Super Flexible and Antibacterial Wood – Undergraduate

0516. Key Characteristics Analysis of Stanford Drone Dataset – Graduate

0517. Smart Cane for the Visually Impaired – Undergraduate


0519. Taste and Odor Degradation in Water by Nanobubble-Facilitated Ultrasonication – Undergraduate

0520. A Critique of America’s Public Transportation -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0521. Smart Wheelchair Seat Cushion – Undergraduate

0522. Low-Cost Electrical Power System for CubeSats – Graduate

0523. Privacy-Based Access Control Model for Blockchain-stored Healthcare Data – Graduate


0525. Effect of Interface Contact Conditions on the Electrical Resistance of 3D-Printed Conductive Filaments – Undergraduate

0526. Geospatial Data Portal -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0527. Identifying the Magnitude and Character of Microplastic Pollution in Frenchman Bay, Maine – Undergraduate

0528. The Exploration a Power Spectrum Analysis in Comparison with the Two-Dimensional Modulus Maxima (2D WTMM) in Fractional Brownian Motion (fBm) Images – Undergraduate

0529. Metal 3D Printed Conformal Cooling Channels – Undergraduate

0530. Deformable ProtoPNet: An Interpretable Image Classifier Using Deformable Prototypes – Undergraduate

0531. Low-Cost Forest Senor Networks Reliability and Wireless Capabilities – Undergraduate

0532. Multiscale Anisotropy Analysis of Second-Harmonic Generation Imaging of Pancreatic Cancer – Graduate

0533. Non-Contact Image Analysis of Breathing Rate Using An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) – Undergraduate

0534. Growing Digital Forest – Graduate

0535. SMART Tourniquet – Undergraduate

0536. Microscopy Methods Second Harmonic Generation and Fluorescent Photo-activated Localization Microscopy and their Applications in Biological Systems – Graduate

0537. Identifying Valid Sizes for Raster Regions in Topological Relations -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Graduate

0538. Low-Cost On-Board Computer for CubeSats – Graduate

0539. A Customizable, Accessible, and Multimodal Smartphone Application to Monitor Speaking Rate in a Clinical Setting for Children with Fluency Disorders – Undergraduate

0540. Development of a Rapid LAMP-Based Field Method for Fecal Contamination Monitoring. – Undergraduate

0541. Boardman Computer Science Lab Web Portal -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0542. Artificial Intelligence for Energy Efficiency (AI4EE) – Undergraduate

0543. Wave Attenuation Over Submerged Oyster Farms -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Graduate

0544. Building a Mobile Application to Facilitate a Safe Virtual Reality Experience -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0545. Hybrid Carbon Nanotube based Catalytic Materials as a Chemical Sensor – Undergraduate

0546. Improving Coastal Water Quality Monitoring and Decision-Making Through Rapid, Simple Field Testing -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Graduate

0547. Facilitating Early Detection of Neuropathy – Undergraduate

0548. 3D Image Segmentation of Cells for Localized F/B SHG Analysis – Graduate

0549. PriCon : A Privacy Conscious System – Undergraduate

0550. Effects of salinity changes on freshwater and moderately saline biofilters – Graduate

0551. Thermally Protected Phone Case -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0552. Air dehumidification using CNC/PDMS dense membrane at elevated temperatures and relative humidities – Graduate

0553. Ad Hoc Positioning in Wearable Devices – Undergraduate

0554. Immiscible Liquid-Coated Materials for Water and Aerosol Filtration – Graduate

0555. Equiptrac: Solving Equipment Management Time Usage and Cost Reporting for the ASCC -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0556. Starting Fresh! Gathering New Information on Freshwater Flow Pouring into Maine’s Estuaries – Undergraduate

0557. DeepReal: Exploring Methodology for 3D Streaming of Authenticated Humans -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0558. The Utilization of LIDAR Technology for Realistic VR Simulation -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0559. Relay assisted wireless energy transfer for efficient spectrum sharing in harsh environments – Graduate


0601. My Dance of Life: Teshuvah – to turn towards one’s self – Undergraduate

0602. Sounds of Maine – Undergraduate

0603. Symbols of Death – Graduate

0604. Thuja occidentalis: Exploring Maine’s “Tree of Life” – Undergraduate

0605. 20-Sided Story-Undergraduate

0606. 3D Printing Fantasy Cosplay Armor-Undergraduate

0607. Swiper-Undergraduate

0608. Andante et Scherzo-Graduate

0609. The Journey of Perseverance – A Rover’s Perspective: Phase 2-Enroute to Landing-Graduate

0610. Your Embodied Presence and its Inherent Impact on the Relations Existing in your Present Environment-Graduate

0611. Purely Human Project-Undergraduate

0612. Music Video/Project -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging -Undergraduate

0613. Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Interpretive Architecture-Undergraduate

0614. Specious Locus– Graduate

0615. Project Slap-Box-Undergraduate

0616. Lake Sayram Cantilena -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging -Graduate

0617. Creating Cross-Cultural Connections: Innovations in Theatre for a Pandemic Age-Undergraduate

0618. Rotoscoping Classic Films -Undergraduate

0619. -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging- Undergraduate

0620. Invaded -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging -Graduate

0621. Stardust Trails: A Sci-fi Audio Drama Podcast-Undergraduate

0622. Performance of “Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise”, by Franz Doppler-Undergraduate

0623. What Sustains You– Graduate

0624. Brother Cage-Graduate

0625. Lore; A College Memoir App-Undergraduate

Social Sciences and Humanities

0701. Exposure to COVID-19-related stress and gender moderate the relationship between social media use and depression in late adolescence– Graduate

0702. How Physical Activity Implementation Strategies Have Changed During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Schools Enrolled in the Let’s Go! Program-Undergraduate

0703. Palestine: The Idea Versus the Reality for Foreigners and on the Homefront-Undergraduate

0704. Communication Goals and Practices of Trans- and Gender Non-conforming Individuals and Their Impact on Mental Health-Undergraduate

0705. A Content Analysis of Diversity in Publisher’s Weekly Top Childrens books from 2000 to 2020-Undergraduate

0706. Investigating the Effects of Labor Policy on Student-Employees at the University of Maine-Undergraduate

0707. A Content Analysis of Apps for Children Under Age 2-Undergraduate

0708. The Effects of Affect and Sleep Quality on Cognition in College Students-Graduate

0709. Effects of Religious and Science Identity on Compatibility-Undergraduate


0711. How Race, Gender, and Body Positioning Impact Perceptions and Interactions With Those in Power-Graduate

0712. Intimate Partner Violence Resulting in Homicide: A Content Analysis of Maine Newspaper Coverage of IPV Homicides-Undergraduate

0713. Investigating The Mechanisms Linking Regular Sleep Patterns With Daytime Physical Activity In Older Adults -Graduate

0714. Mediation of the Religion-Prejudice Link-Undergraduate

0715. Now or Later? Decision-Making Preferences in Community-Dwelling Older Adults-Graduate

0716. Sleep Disturbance, Mood State, and Cognitive Performance: The Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study-Undergraduate

0717. Baselines, Shoreline Change and Beach Management Strategies-Graduate

0718. Reconstructing the Romantic Legacy: Annotating the Sublime, Imagination, and Freedom through Black Studies-Undergraduate

0719. Perceptions of Maine Law Enforcement Agents by Members of the Substance Use Disorder Community-Undergraduate

0720. Envisioning a Bold Food Waste Policy for Maine: A mixed-methods study into the context of landfill diversion of food waste -Undergraduate

0721. Scoping Review: Burnout and Its Implications for Community Health Workers-Undergraduate

0722. Evaluation of a Resource and Service Navigation Program on Family Resources and Kinship Caregiver Wellbeing -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging -Undergraduate

0723. Life in Recovery in Maine: Recovery Outcomes & Policy Attitudes About Solutions to Addiction in Maine-Undergraduate

0724. Local Energy Action Network-Undergraduate

0725. An Assessment of Visitor Use and User Experiences with the Implementation of a Cadillac Mountain Reservation System in Acadia National Park-Graduate

0726. Confrontation Effectiveness Influences Women’s Imagined Psychological Wellbeing After Sexism-Graduate

0727. Challenging Transformation: Taking Theory to Practice in Carceral Education-Graduate

0728. Resiliency in the Face of Cyber Victimization: Family, but not Peer, Support Emerges as a Protective Factor-Graduate

0729. Objectifying the classroom: An examination of self-objectification, appearance comparisons, and their effects on cognitive resources within video-class environments-Undergraduate

0730. Clarifying the ADHD and Depression Relationship in Emerging Adults: Specific Dimensions of Emotion Regulation Difficulties as Mediators-Graduate

0731. Universals and Their Relation to the Limits of Human Understanding-Undergraduate

0732. The Relationship Between Tabletop Roleplaying Games, Depression, and Anxiety-Undergraduate

0733. Efficacy of Various Trainings to Increase the Accurate Perception of Fatigue-Graduate

0734. The Challenges of Operationalizing Confrontation of Prejudice: Testing Three Measurements of Confrontation in Three Multimethod Experiments-Undergraduate

0735. Healthier Than Their Peers? COVID-19 Outcomes in Recreation Counties-Undergraduate

0736. Adolescent and Friends’ Empathetic Distress and Internalizing Symptoms Longitudinally: Can Empathy be Harmful?-Graduate

0737. Mitigation or Obstruction: Investigating the Use of Development Aid in Mitigating Climate Change and Addressing Climate Migration.-Undergraduate

0738. Credit Claiming in the Modern Age: Media Influence on Counterterrorism Operation-Undergraduate

Natural Sciences

0801. The effects of timber harvesting on small mammal abundance and foraging behavior with implications for tick densities -Graduate

0802. A Novel Study on Sea Lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) Settlement Success During Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Encounters-Graduate

0803. The effect of microtopography, soil moisture, and canopy openness on survival of northern white-cedar regeneration-Undergraduate

0804. Completing a Ground-Penetrating Radar Survey of a Subglacial Lake on the Juneau Icefield in Southeast Alaska to select an Analog Polar Study Site for Future Europa Missions-Undergraduate

0805. Measuring Firn Thickness and Volume Change Using GPR Profiles Across the Juneau Icefield-Undergraduate

0806. Comparing Two Non-invasive Methods for Assessing Marine Mammal Genetic Diversity: Environmental DNA vs Fecal DNA-Undergraduate

0807. Interactive effects of climate warming and soil amendments (biochar-compost and mulch) on wild blueberries and soil water availability-Undergraduate

0808. Leaving the coast behind: fishing community sprawl and migration as measures of socioeconomic change and vulnerability-Undergraduate 

0809. Relationships Between Plumage Phenotypes and Parasite Infections in Barn Owls-Undergraduate

0810. Developing an enhanced forest inventory in Maine using airborne laser scanning: The role of calibration plot design and data quality -Graduate

0811. Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Deadwood in Northeastern Forests-Graduate

0812. Bridging the Great Disconnect: Overcoming Methodological Hurdles in the Use of eDNA to Study Food Web Interactions of American Lobster Larvae-Undergraduate

0813. Utilizing landscape design principles to improve green spaces and promote ecotherapy on a college campus-Undergraduate

0814. Uncovering the mycorrhizal connections between mature trees and seedlings of ancient red spruce forests on a coastal Maine island-Undergraduate

0815. Assessing Microplastic Risks in Maine’s Agricultural Systems-Undergraduate

0816. Initial descriptions of the microbes of farmed Atlantic sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) veligers and rearing tanks-Graduate

0817. Investigation of the ca. 1100 BP White River Ash Eruption in the Denali Ice Core Record -Graduate

0818. Characterization and modification of residual biochar sourced from Maine for Application Wild Blueberries-Graduate

0819. Isolating and Identifying Staphylococcus Bacteriophage From the Black Soldier Fly Larval Gut-Undergraduate

0820. COVID-19 and Outdoor Recreation in Maine and New Hampshire: Analysis of Trends Using Passive Visitation Data-Undergraduate

0821. Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis of Basal Sediment found in Mt. Hunter Ice Cores-Undergraduate

0822. The Effect of Climate Change and Topography on Tropical Glaciers-Undergraduate

0823. Blood Parasite Co-infections Associated with Anthrax Mortality in Plains Zebra-Undergraduate

0824. Comparative Analysis of Primnoa Pacifica, Red Tree Coral, Gamete Size Before versus After Thermal Variability Events-Undergraduate

0825. Income and Food Insecurity within Households: Evidence from a Universal Income Transfer-Graduate

0826. Assessing Mg/Ca as a Key to Past Ocean Temperature in the Southern Jordan Basin, Gulf of Maine-Undergraduate

0827. Reconstruction of Historical Glaciers in Scotland-Undergraduate

0828. Anaplasma Prevalence and Distribution in Maine Moose Populations-Undergraduate

0829. Development of Wood-fiber Insulated Panels (WIPs) for Prefabricated Modular Construction and Retrofit Applications-Graduate


0831. How did extinct ice age mega-herbivores affect soil nutrient cycling?-Undergraduate

0832. Suppression of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus using larvae of black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens-Graduate

0833. Chemical Weathering of Serpentine in a Tropical Environment: Implications for Silicate Weathering on Mars-Graduate

0834. The Role of FNPs Within Primary Care in Providing Pregnancy Options Counseling-Graduate

0835. Comparison of seasonal climate change patterns among the wild blueberry fields at different counties of Maine, USA-Undergraduate

0836. Prevalence of Heat Stable Staphylococcal Enterotoxins in Mastitis Isolates in Maine -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging- Undergraduate

0837. The Effects of Heat Stress, Land Use, and the Expansion of Ixodes Ticks on Pathogen Emergenc-Undergraduate

0838. Antioxidant Effects of Winterberry (Ilex verticillata ) Leaf Extract in Caenorhabditis elegans-Undergraduate

0839. How Do Direct Seafood Marketers Label The Marketing Channels They Engage With? -Undergraduate

0840. Integrated Pest Management for the Control and Prevention of Gastropod Vectors on Pastures-Graduate

0841. Using Paleolimnological Tools to Evaluate the Links Between Climate Change and CyanoHABs in Maine Lakes-Graduate

0842. A social-ecological examination of seasonal dynamics in the Maine lobster fishery-Graduate

0843. Evaluating the Relationship Between Wild Turkey Movement Ecology and Roads-Undergraduate

0844. : Social-ecological Effects on Mosquito Populations Across Land Use in Bangor, Maine -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging- Graduate

0845. Recyclable Bio-based Composites with Excellent Oil and Water Barrier properties for Food Serving Applications-Graduate

0846. Aim for Slug-cess: Testing Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing Methods for New England Nudibranch Species-Undergraduate

0847. The Effect of Drying on the Survival of Escherichia coli, Listeria innocua and Bacillus cereus on Sugar Kelp-Graduate

0848. Turning Recycled Cardboard Containers into High Gas Barrier UV-protective Packaging Film-Graduate

0849. The Incidence of Staphylococcus aureus Mastitis in Maine Dairy Cattle -Undergraduate

0850. Response of low (wild) and highbush blueberries to extreme drought: threshold of coordinated declines in physiological processes and branch dieback-Graduate

0851. Identifying Umbrella Species to Inform the Conservation of Intertidal Areas in Acadia National Park.-Undergraduate

0852. The Effect of Education on HPV Vaccination Status in Females -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging -Undergraduate

0853. Effects of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus and Aeromonas hydrophilia on the development of black soldier fly larvae.-Undergraduate

0854. Effects of Nanocellulose Treatment in Drought Response of Maine Wild Blueberries-Undergraduate

0855. The Comparison of Management Practices to Control Intestinal Parasites in Companion and Production Pigs-Undergraduate

0856. A study on the mechanical behavior of SDCNFs reinforced PP composite-Graduate

0857. -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging

0858. Linking Molecular Deadwood Inhabiting Fungi to the Decomposition Rates of Coarse Woody Debris – Undergraduate

0859. Evaluation of preservation techniques for kombucha starter cultures-Graduate

0860. Post-Harvest Treatment Effects on Physicochemical Properties and Composition of North Atlantic Squid-Graduate

0861. Hoxb5 Genes May Promote Muscle Precursor Migration in Zebrafish Embryos-Graduate

0862. Disinfestation Methods Affect Development of Early Peach Embryos in Tissue Culture-Undergraduate

0863. -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging

0864. The Rapid Enumeration of Mixed Culture using a Novel Image-Based Cytometry Method-Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Graduate

0865. Non-Narcotic Pain Interventions and the Effectiveness of Decreasing Pain -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

0866. A concept map of icefield-to-ocean linkages in Southeast Alaska-Undergraduate

Interdisciplinary Research

0901. Comparing Municipal COVID-19 Response in Inland vs. Coastal Communities in Maine-Undergraduate

0902. Embodiment as a Theme and Process in Collaborative Research– Graduate

0903. Promoting Health for Passamaquoddy Tribal Members through Alternative Energy Solutions– Undergraduate

0904. The Use of Augmented Reality to Monitor Coastal Erosion-Undergraduate

0905. EDGE AR – Detect Your Surroundings-Undergraduate

0906. Bangor Pride Mobile App -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging -Undergraduate

0907. Detecting Shared Touch Surface Contamination with a Deep Learning-Enhanced Smartphone and Nanopatterned Material System-Undergraduate

0908. Understanding Sense of Place in Maine Through Community Cookbooks-Graduate

Biomedical Sciences

1001. Role of Heme Oxygenase in Endurance Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Mediated Improvement of Dystrophic Skeletal Muscle-Graduate

1002. Mouse models of NADK2 deficiency analyzed for metabolic and gene expression changes to elucidate pathophysiology-Graduate

1003. Continuous, Non-Destructive Detection of Surface Bacterial Growth with Bioinspired Vascularized Polymers-Graduate

1004. Characterization of The Human Cardiac Progenitor Cell Secretome -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging -Graduate

1005. Mybl2 is a Developmental Control Gene that Regulates Asymmetry and Dynamic Expression of Genes in the Cochlea-Graduate

1006. Low-Dose Arsenic Exposure Alters the Expression of Genes Associated with Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Exposure in Zebrafish Embryos-Undergraduate

1007. Arachnoid Virus: the Mysterious Gordonia Phage Widow -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging -Undergraduate

1008. Creating Efficient Anti-Bacterial Surfaces on Catheters with Antibiotic-Free Liquid Coatings-Graduate

1009. Triacsin C Inhibition of Acyl-CoA Synthetases Hinders Multiple Myeloma Cell Proliferation and Survival-Graduate

1010. Deletion of Mycobacterial Flotillin Gene to Assess Changes in Virulence of Mycobacterium chelonae-Undergaduate

1011. Designing a Functional Trunnion Prototype for Attachment of an Artificial Leg to a Femoral Implant to Be Used for Osseointegrated Prosthetics-Undergraduate

1012. Microfluidic Chanel Applications to Improve a Pulsed-Electric Field Water Purification System-Undergraduate

1013. Synthesis and Decarboxylation of Eumelanoids-Undergraduate

1014. AAV9-Ighmbp2 gene therapy significantly improves motor performance in severe SMARD1-like mouse model, nmdem3, and CMT2S mouse model, nmdem5-Graduate

1015. Cohabitating Prophage Interactions and their Role in Regulation of Important Mycobacterial Antibiotic Resistance Genes-Undergarduate

1016. Determining the Role of Paratox in Streptococcus agalactiae: Virulence and Bacterial Fitness-Undergraduate

1017. JC Polyomavirus Infection is Reduced by Repurposed Therapeutics-Graduate

1018. Interactions Between Co-habitating Prophages Increases Expression of Mycobacterial Intrinsic Resistance Gene, whiB7-Graduate

1019. Nanoparticles as Local Reporters in Biological Systems: Modeling Signal and Understanding Limitations-Graduate

1020. No More Excu-SES: It’s Time to Address Class and Cognitive Function-Undergraduate

1021. Overrepresentation of Kidney Development Function Among 937 Genes Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease in 21 Genome-Wide Association Studies Across Multiple Patient Populations.-Graduate

1022. Investigating Disruptions in Axon Guidance in Dystroglycanopathy.-Graduate

1023. Investigating the impact of prophages on bacterial fitness of Streptococcus agalactiae-Graduate

1024. Differential Expression of Interferon Response Genes in the Innate Immune Response to Influenza A Virus Infection-Undergraduate

1025. Determining the role of prophage McProf gene products in Mycobacterium chelonae antibiotic resistance-Undergraduate

1026. The Danger of Prophage and its Effect on The Virulence of Streptococcus Agalactiae-Undergraduate

1027. DMC9 Prophage Characterization and Impact on Group B Streptococcus Virulence-Undergraduate

1028. Continuous Monitoring of Contamination on Surfaces via Structural Color Analysis-Graduate

1029. Characterization of a Group B Streptococcus prophage -Undergraduate

1030. MicroRNA Regulation of Neutrophil Inflammation Regulation during Influenza A Virus Infection-Undergraduate

1031. Characterization of the Cluster MabR Prophages of Mycobacterium abscessus and Mycobacterium chelonae-Undergraduate

1032. Regulation of Microtubule Dynamics During the Pheromone Response in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae-Undergraduate

1033. VO2 Max Testing-Undergraduate

1034. Evaluating Ca2+ Related Drugs for Inhibition of JC Polyomavirus Infection-Undergraduate

1035. Quantifying Birefringence Images of Zebrafish Using a Mix of Deep Neural Networks and Image Analysis Tools -Graduate

1036. Role of the HU177 Cryptic Collagen Epitope in Differentially Controlling Breast Tumor Cell Behavior-Graduate

1037. Testing Effects of Newly Isolated Prophage on Mycobacterial Drug Resistance-Undergraduate

1038. The Impact of Calmodulin Signaling on JC Polyomavirus Infection-Undergraduate

1039. Aging and Connectivity in Dendritic Spines-Graduate

1040. Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging Applications in Diabetic Testing-Graduate

1041. Effect of Pharmaceutical Agent Cetylpyridinium Chloride on Early Tyrosine Phosphorylation Events in Immune Mast Cells-Undergraduate

1042. Building Literacy in Microscopy and Reproducible Image Analysis -Undergraduate

1043. Biometric Enabled Aviation Helmet -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging-Undergraduate

1044. The Impact of Cxcr4/Cxcl12 on Migrating Muscle Precursors-Undergraduate

1045. Neuronal Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin-8 Cation (TRPM8) Channel may Regulate Bone Mass via Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell Maintenance-Graduate

1046. Smart Paper Diagnostics-Undergraduate

1047. Interferon Response Factor 7 is a Transcriptional Target of Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NFkB)-Mediated Inflammation Following Influenza A Virus Infection-Undergraduate

1048. Nociceptor sensitivity in larval and adult Drosophila-Graduate

1049. Life-long Dietary Restrictions have Negligible and Potentially Damaging Effects on Late-life Cognitive Performance in the Diversity Outbred Mouse Population -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging-Graduate

1050. Optimization of Proteolytic Collagen Degradations to Enable Identification of SHG Signatures Associated with Proteolytic Degradation-Graduate

1051. Novel Gordonia Phage StarStruck: A Shining Light For Discovery– Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

1052. Mitochondrial Toxicity of Antimicrobial Agent Cetylpyridinium Chloride-Undergraduate

1053. Variable Mest Expression in Genetically Identical Mice Contributes to Obesity-Graduate

1054. Exercise induced growth factor increases as a function: Translational Project Among Human and Animal Models of Preclinical Alzheimer’s disease -Graduate

1055. Characterization of four novel prophages and their polymorphic toxin systems in the pathogenic Mycobacterium salmoniphilum -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging-Undergraduate

1056. Asymmetric Catalysis of Chiral Phosphate Mimics-Undergraduate

1057. Novel Method Of Measuring Bone Density Using Audible Sound-Undergraduate

1058. Skin Formation of Crosslinked TEMPO Cellulose Nanofiber Hydrogel-Undergraduate

1059. Time-lapse imaging reveals that muscle precursor position is a key determinant of fin muscle fate in zebrafish-Graduate

1060. ColorFlu Zebrafish: A In Vivo Fluorescent Influenza A Virus Infection Model-Graduate

1061. Toxin/Antitoxin Systems in Prophage Genomes Could Increase Virulence in the Host, Group B Streptococcus. -Undergraduate

1062. Deciphering the Signaling Mechanisms of JC Polyomavirus -Undergraduate

1063. Defining the Role of Src Kinase in Activation of the MAPK/ERK Signaling Pathway During JCPyV Infection-Undergraduate

1064. Tailoring Personalized Medicine To Treat Diseases Caused by Genetic Mutations -Undergraduate

1065. The Regulation of Autophagy During The Yeast Pheromone Response-Undergraduate

1066. Exploring Proteomic Signatures of Lean Perivascular Adipose Tissue Induced by Methionine Restricted Diet-Graduate

1067. Cardiac Risk and Cognition in Middle Aged Adults-Undergraduate

1068. Sentinel Spectroscopy: Light-Surface Interactions for the Continuous Detection of Chemical Composition in Space Agriculture Runoff -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging-Undergraduate

1069. A Model to Study the Direct Effects of β2-Adrenergic Receptor on Osteoclasts-Graduate

1070. Mycobacterium chelonae Prophage ProphiMSKB1-4: Armed and Prepared to Translate -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging-Undergraduate

1071. The Effects of Antifungals on Candida albicans growth in the presence of Group B Streptococcus-Undergraduate

1072. -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging- Graduate

1073. Reusable Cloud-Based Bioinformatics Analysis Environments to Enhance Data Science -Graduate

1074. Low Dose Arsenic Exposure and miR-199 dysregulation Alters The Innate Immune Response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection in Zebrafish.-Graduate

1075. Alkaline Phosphatase Deficiency Leads to Decreases in Adipogenesis and Mitochondrial Function-Graduate

1076. Altered Patient Metabolomic and Inflammatory Transcriptomics After Fasting and High Calorie Diet in Bone Marrow Adipocytes-Graduate

1077. Role of Non-Coding RNAs in Adaptation to Environmental Stressors Through the Study of Natural Populations-Graduate

1078. GPCR-directed Septin structures are mediated by Cdc42 GAPs and Epsins -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging-Graduate

1079. Defining the role of RAB27a in vascular contractility-Graduate

1080. An Overview of Three Biomedical Science Projects across Three Research Institutes -Graduate

1081. The TAp63-dependent and -independent DNA Damage Response in Meiotically Arrested Oocytes-Graduate

1082. Design of Neutrophil-Specific Fluorescent Reporter Constructs for Ncf1 and Nfe2l2 to Characterize The Production of Reactive Oxygen Species During Influenza Virus Infection in Zebrafish-Undergraduate

1083. Fickle Finkle: One of a Kind -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging-Undergraduate

1084. Perivascular Adipose Tissue is Distinct in Two Disease Populations-Graduate

1085. Investigating the interaction of Streptococcus agalactiae and Candida albicans in vitro and in vivo-Graduate

1086. Anti-Inflammatory Effect(s) of Phenolic Extract from Wild Blueberries in Wound Healing-Undergraduate

1087. Rapgef Family Members Contribute To Erk Activation By Gs-coupled Receptors In Mouse Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons-Graduate

1088. NOD/ShiLtJ strain: a mouse model to investigate the regulation of Fetal Oocyte Attrition-Graduate

1089. Uncovering Candida albicans Factors that Modulate the Host Phagocyte Response-Graduate

1090. Combining Regional Cell Composition Estimates With Bulk RNA Sequencing Allows for Refined Detection of Cell-Type-Specific Genetic Associations-Graduate

1091. Influenza A Virus Infections Measured by Respiratory Burst Assay-Graduate

1092. Characterization of the polymorphic toxin system in Mycobacterium prophage McProf -Graduate

1093. Toxicity of Lanthanide Series Rare Earth Elements in Caenorhabditis elegans-Undergraduate

1094. “Screen to Find Regulators of Candida albicans Drug Tolerance During Co-cultures with Pseudomonas aeruginosa “-Undergraduate

1095. Investigating the Sexually Dimorphic Role of Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone in Neonatal Trauma-Induced Pain-Vulnerability-Graduate

1096. Integrating Molecular Profiles with Clinical Outcomes in Cancer Patients from Rural Maine-Graduate

1097. Integrin and Dystroglycan Protein Localization in Muscle Cell Membranes in Dystroglycan and Dystroglycanopathy Mutants-Graduate

1098. Veterinary Immersion Network -Undergraduate

1099. CTHRC1 Suppresses Adipogenesis and Modulates Lipid Composition -Graduate

1100. Notch signaling regulates PVAT function during diet-induced obesity-Graduate

1101. Electrophysiological Recordings in Humans Using a Novel Microneedle Array Device -Undergraduate

1102. Bone Regeneration: Cellulose Nanofibers and Additional Composites -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging-Graduate

1103. Determining Septin localization With α-Arrestin Deleted Strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae-Undergraduate

1104. Phenolic Extract(s) from Wild Blueberries promotes Wound Re-epithelialization-Graduate

1105. Effects of Binge-Eating on impulsivity, compulsivity, and reward sensitivity across strain and sex-Graduate

1106. Gordonia Phage Periwinkle -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate

1107. Novel Cluster CZ phage Oregano: Friend & Foe to Bacteria -Presentation Withdrawn From Judging – Undergraduate