Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) UMSS21

What does the format of my presentation have to be?

All presentations will need to be recorded following the instructions and requirements found on the Information for Student Presenters webpage

Will I be provided with a template for this presentation?

Yes. Templates, instructions, and requirements can be found on the Information for Student Presenters webpage

Where can I find the step by step Kaltura video posting guide?

You can find the guide here. 

Will the judging rubric change for the virtual format?

No, the judging rubric is not changing. It can be found on the Information for Student Presenters webpage

What resources will I need to complete my presentation?

You will need to record audio over your video presentation. Using PowerPoint or other MP4 creating software to complete this process, you will export the recording as a video file and upload it through Kaltura. Detailed instructions for how to complete video presentations can be found on the Information for Student Presenters webpage

Where can I access the required resources?

To record your video presentation you can use PowerPoint. All students have access to MS Office through the UMaine Portal using your UMaine credentials, the login information to your email account. You can also use other MP4 video creating software. Please be sure to refer to the Presenters webpage.

Who can I ask for assistance or accommodation with this process? 

Please contact us at  or 207.581.3583 with any questions. For more information or a reasonable accommodation, please contact

What if I have a FERPA hold?

If you have a  FERPA hold it may affect how you and your research are listed on our website and program. To check or to change your hold go to your student MaineStreet service center click “Other Personal…” and then choose “Privacy Settings” to update your hold. If you have further questions or concerns about your FERPA hold please contact the UMaine Office of Student Records at 207.581.1290.

Will my work be open to the public?

Yes, student presentations will be highlighted on the UMSS website.  Please consult with your faculty mentor and omit information that cannot be shared with the public.

Do I need to be present to win an award?

No, you do not need to be present. We do suggest that you attend our virtual symposium and support your fellow researchers.

Do I need special credentials to be a judge? 

No, you do not need special credentials to sign up to be a judge. We allow graduate students to judge peers and undergraduates, but undergraduate students cannot be judges.