Student Profile

UMSS21 Student Profile: Zachary Maynor

Zachary Maynor’s UMaine Student Symposium project focuses on ways to mitigate the effects of water evaporation on wild blueberry crops in Maine. With the help of graduate student Rafa Tasnim, a Ph.D. candidate studying ecology and environmental sciences, he was able to conduct a study that mixed Biochar and compost at different rates and compositions […]

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Anna's portrait

UMSS21 Student Profile: Anna Soule

Anna Soule presented two separate projects at the UMaine Student Symposium 2021. The project “Whites Only,” advised by Owen Smith, won the arts category award for graduate students. The winning project is a “collaborative video performance/installation that touches on white privilege and assimilation to white culture and systemic racism in America.” Along with collaborators Derek […]

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Jacob's portrait

UMSS21 Student Profile: Jacob Mealey

Jacob Mealey’s UMaine Student Symposium project focuses on COVID-19 contact tracing. He has designed a system that utilizes Android cellphones and a Bluetooth Beacon. The phone uses an app that constantly scans the unique ID of each beacon, and looks for the closest one. When the app detects a new beacon, it updates a server […]

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Cassidy's portrait

UMSS21 Student Profile: Cassidy McCusker

Cassidy McCusker’s UMaine Student Symposium 2021 project focuses on the role that diagnosis, hospitalization, and perceiver mental health experience have on the subjective hireability of a job applicant. She is examining how medication use, previous hospitalizations, mental health disorder diagnosis, and gender could change a candidate’s perceived hireability for a job. From this research, she […]

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Teagan portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: Teagan LaPiere

Teagan LaPiere, Psychology Understanding Veteran Suicide Mentored by Mollie Ruben Teagan LaPiere, a military veteran himself, researches why non-combat deployed veterans have a higher rate of suicide than combat-deployed veterans. He hopes that this research will indicate factors that lead to military suicide, so policies for veteran mental health can be changed and improved.

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Anna Schumann portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: Anna Schumann

Anna Schumann, Molecular and Cellular Biology The Role of BPs’ gp33 Immunity Repressor in the Downregulation of M. Chelonae Genes Mentored by Sally Molloy Anna Schumann studies how viruses infect bacteria and interact with the host genes – with the hope of finding new treatments that will be able to work past the antibiotic resistant […]

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Chris DeMarchi portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: Christopher DeMarchi

Christopher DeMarchi, Mechanical Engineering Simulating Varying Hydrogen Flow Patterns in Solar Powered Lunar Oxygen Production Mentored by Justin Lapp Christopher DeMarchi is studying and developing different options in order to extract oxygen from lunar soil. The goal is to allow long-term habitation for humans on the moon. He has hopes of turning science fiction into […]

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Shannon O'Grady portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: Shannon O’Grady

Shannon O’Grady, Animal and Veterinary Sciences major with a Pre-Vet concentration Predictors and Impacts of Haemosporidian Parasite Infections in Barn Owls (Typo alba) Mentored by Pauline Kamath Shannon O’Grady studies the effects of blood parasite infections in barn owls by examining the relationships between haemosporidian infection intensities and reproductive success in individual barn owls (Typo […]

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Oisin Biswas portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: Oisin Biswas

Oisin Biswas, Biomedical Engineering Surface Contamination Detection Method Using Structural Color Analysis Mentored by Caitlin Howell Oisin Biswas is developing a way to detect contaminants inside autonomous vehicles by using micro-structured paper, light and the concept of structural color. “With the rise of companies such as Tesla, the time of autonomous vehicles roaming the streets […]

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Varga image

UMSS20 Student Profile: Samuel Varga

Samuel Varga, Finance How Speculative are Different Sectors of the Stock Market? Mentored by Grant Miles Samuel Varga researches what a stock’s price is based on: business performance or speculation about future growth. Varga will develop a map about the level of speculation, which will help investors make better financial decisions. “I hope that the […]

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Olivia Bradstreet

UMSS20 Student Profile: Olivia Bradstreet

Olivia Bradstreet, Student Fine Arts Paper, Pulp, and Practice: Investigating Connection Through Process Art Mentored by Ronald Nadeau Olivia Bradstreet is studying process art with handmade paper as her medium to demonstrate the connections between materials and narrative art. She is making the paper in a self-made, small-scale studio to investigate the connection that an […]

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Noah Moring

UMSS20 Student Profile: Noah Moring

Noah Moring, Business The Effective Marketing of Products, Services, and Events towards College Students Mentored by Stefano Tijerina Noah Moring examines why specific marketing strategies work so well on young audiences, specifically “Generation Z.” He hopes this will allow students and young adults to become more aware of their spending habits and that by being […]

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Michelle Ward

UMSS20 Student Profile: Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward, Psychology Influence of Personality on Dementia Caregiver Stress Mentored by Fayezah Ahmed Michelle Ward studies the stress levels of dementia caregivers in Maine. She examines the influence of personality to determine which caregivers are at a greater risk of high stress. Her findings could help provide better support for these caregivers and in […]

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Deven Teisl

UMSS20 Student Profile: Deven Teisl

Deven Teisl, Ecology and Environmental Science Tapping the Sweet Spot: Assessing a woodlot’s potential to transition into a productive, commercial-sized sugarbush. Mentored by Jessica Leahy Deven Teisl is researching the key site characteristics that are required on a woodlot in order for it to become a productive sugarbush. Producers of maple syrup must find these […]

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Amelia St. John

UMSS20 Student Profile: Amelia St. John

Amelia St. John, Microbiology Investigating the Role of Group B Streptococcus Prophages on Bacterial Fitness and Virulence Mentored by Melody Neely Amelia St. John studies how prophages residing in the Group B Streptococcus (GBS) genome impact its ability to cause disease. Pregnant mothers are often impacted by the effects of GBS, and the antibiotics used […]

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Nicholas Soucy

UMSS20 Student Profile: Nicholas Soucy

Nicholas Soucy, Physics THED: Thermal Hand Experience Device Mentored by Nimesha Ranasinghe Nicholas Soucy is developing a Thermal Hand Experience Device (THED), which allows users to feel thermal sensations in virtual reality on the hands. The sensations are both hot and cold and occur in real time. This will create a more fulfilling virtual reality […]

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Olivia Reese

UMSS20 Student Profile: Olivia Reese

Olivia Reese, Media Studies How 280 character changed the world: Crime, Twitter, and New Perception Mentored by Judith Rosenbaum-Andre Olivia Reese is studying the impacts that Twitter has on college students’ perceptions of crime and news. This idea came about from when researchers in the 1960’s looked at the ways in which television affected people’s […]

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Jacob Marchio

UMSS20 Student Profile: Jacob Marchio

Jacob Marchio, Engineering Physics Design and Construction of a Computer Controlled Astronomical Spectropolarimeter Mentored by Sam Hess Jacob Marchio is building an instrument that can gather spectral information as well as polarization in astronomy (which provides information about stars). Through spectroscopy, things such as temperature and mass can be obtained, whereas measuring the polarization (a […]

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Henry Laurita

UMSS20 Student Profile: Henry Laurita

Henry Laurita, Zoology Path, Pattern and Preference- the Power of Shape to Modify Honeybee Foraging Behavior Mentored by Julia McGuire Henry Laurita is studying honeybee foraging behaviors on different crop layouts. The goal is to find out bees preferences of different patterns, and therefore show farmers the best way to plant crops to encourage honeybee […]

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Miranda Jacques

UMSS20 Student Profile: Miranda Jacques

Miranda Jacques, Biomedical Engineering An Array of Synthetically Produced Fluorescent Biomarkers for Monitoring Neutrophil Behavior in the Non-Specific Immune Response Mentored by Matthew Brichacek Miranda Jacques is working to change the way neutrophils are studied. In the past, organisms would need to be genetically modified to express fluorescent genes – a time consuming method. Jacques […]

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Jacob Cote

UMSS20 Student Profile: Jacob Cote

Jacob Cote, Microbiology The Role of Prophage in Mycobacterial Antibiotic Resistance Mentored by Sally Molloy Jacob Cote is studying bacteriophage (bacterial viruses) in order to better understand antibiotic resistance and bacterial fitness. Bacteriophage are major contributors to the severity of diseases such as cholera and pathogenic E. coli. Cote’s goal is to better understand bacteriophage, […]

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Megan Arsenault

UMSS20 Student Profile: Megan Arsenault

Megan Arsenault, Chemistry Determination of Lactic Acid to Improve Quality of Biodegradable Polymers Mentored by Brian Frederick Megan Arsenault is working with lactic acid – a bioplastic produced from renewable resources (such as corn). These bioplastics do not require the usage of coal, crude oil and other fossil fuels. She hopes to determine the orientation […]

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Leigh Neptune image

UMSS20 Student Profile: Leigh Neptune

Leigh Neptune, Food Science and Human Nutrition Nonverbal displays of pride and shame in LGBTQ+ populations and their relationship with health outcomes Mentored by Mollie Ruben Leigh Neptune is studying body language in gender and sexual minorities in order to better understand how these may be signs of mental and physical health status, dietary habits, […]

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Hua Lin portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: Hua Lin

Hua Lin, Engineering Physics Silicon-Carbide Nanowires and Thin Films for Sensing Strain and Pressure in Harsh Environments Mentored by Sheila Edalatpour Hua Lin is studying silicon carbide sensors in order to understand if they can be used to collect data in high stress situations – situations in which there are high temperature and pressure. He […]

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Michaud image

UMSS20 Student Profile: Sahvannah Michaud

Sahvannah Michaud, Psychology Emerging Neuroimaging Technology in Category Learning Research Mentored by Shawn Ell Sahvannah Michaud is studying the neural processes involved in learning and memory through examination of blood flow, volume, and oxygenation using a fNIRS device. This will assess frontal brain regions using neuroimaging technology. She is collecting data on the performance of […]

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Sophia Palangas portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: Sophia Palangas

Sophia Palangas, Communication Sciences and Disorders Assessing Health Related Quality Of Life, Language Impairment, and Psychosocial Factors in Post-Stroke Aphasia Mentored by Christopher Grindrod Sophia Palangas studies the quality of life and mood of stroke survivors when they have aphasia, which is the inability to speak and comprehend language. This project will help stroke survivors […]

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Patrick Hurley portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: Patrick Hurley

Patrick Hurley, Ecology and Environmental Science Mites, Camera, Action: Assessing Varroa Mite Treatment Trends in Maine Beekeepers Mentored by Julia McGuire Patrick Hurley is studying strategies in which the ectoparasitic mite, Varroa destructor, can be treated due to their threat to honeybees. Large-scale beekeepers are more at risk for these mites, as they keep many […]

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Maddie Eberly portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: Maddie Eberly

Madeline Eberly, Forestry Feedbacks Between Wood Structure and Function Driving Forest Tree Responses to Extreme Drought Mentored by Jay Wason Madeline Eberly studies the effect of drought on forest trees in Maine. This will aid professionals in natural resources to better understand how to work with the forests challenged with climate change. Shifts in forest […]

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David Fitzpatrick portrait

UMSS20 Student Profile: David Fitzpatrick

David Fitzpatrick, Engineering Physics A Hybrid Thermochemical and Pressure Swing Adsorption process of Air Separation Mentored by Justin Lapp David Fitzpatrick is modeling a new type of air separation to see if it could be more efficient than the current standard. He is combining two types of air separation processes to assess whether the process […]

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Lindsey Lagerstrom image

UMSS20 Student Profile: Lindsey Lagerstrom

Lindsey Lagerstrom, Psychology Telemental Health Care From the Perspective of Maine Mental Health Professionals Mentored by Fayeza Ahmed Lindsey Lagerstrom is assessing telemental health care from the perspective of mental health professionals practicing in Maine. She views the strengths and weaknesses in this rising technology through survey research. “Telemental health care, videoconferencing with a mental […]

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