Poster: Presenters using a poster presentation will be provided with a 36″ x 48″ foam board and pins to install your paper poster. All posters must be made on the poster template below in order to fit on the poster board and assure consistency.

Discounted Poster Printing is provided by UMaine Printing Services. 
Requests submitted by April 3 at 4 p.m. are free.
Requests submitted between April 3 after 4 p.m. – April 5 are discounted 50%.
Please call after April 3rd to ensure availability and capacity to accept printing requests. 

Poster Resources


Exhibit/Performance: Presenters using an exhibit or performance for their presentation can specify needed supplies, including: 36″ x 24″ Poster Stand, Foam Board and Pins, Small Table (1/2 of an 8ft table), Standard Power Outlet (110V / 10A), and others. 

Printing deadlines apply, see poster presentation above.

Exhibit Resources


Oral Presentations: Presenters giving an oral presentation will be provided with a laptop and a projector pre-loaded with their presentation slides, as well as a laser pointer.

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***Abstract Submission Deadline for 2019 UMSS is Now Closed***

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Graduate Student Government invite the submission of student research and creative activities abstracts from ALL disciplines to be presented at the 2019 UMaine Student Symposium.  Abstracts may be for posters, oral presentations, or exhibits / performances. Submissions must be in the form of an abstract (250 words max) describing the focus, method or process, and outcomes of the project. Entries must be authored by one or more undergraduate or graduate students from the University of Maine and must be accompanied by the endorsement of a faculty mentor. All email correspondences will be sent to the submitting student author completing this form. If you are presenting with more than one presenter (group posters, oral presentations, or exhibits), as the submitting author, you are responsible for passing all email correspondences and information to your co-presenters.

  • All submissions are final.  The abstract and information provided will be the version used for all event materials and there will be no opportunity to make revisions once submitted.
  • All submissions must be reviewed and pre-approved by the faculty mentor associated with the project. Any submissions without faculty mentor approval will not be accepted.
  • Please note that every presenter (including all co-presenters) must register for the event once acceptance notifications are received.

Special sessions are organized by some programs to modify the presentation format to the program specific needs. If your program applied for a special session and got approval form UMSS committee, you should have a special code to enter in the submission form. If you can present in oral, poster, or table top format, ignore this information.