UMSG Senators

A Senator’s Mission

UMSG Senators operate to ensure UMaine students and their interested are well represented by their Student Government and their University as a whole. A Senator has a strong voice in decisions on important UMaine legislation, as well as the power to contribute to other internal functions, including but not limited to: funds allocation to student organizations, as well as support and promotion of campus events.

Who Can be a Senator?

All backgrounds, demographics and styles of people are encouraged to join Student Senate! You must be an Undergraduate Student in good standing with GPA of 2.0 or higher.

What a Senator Does

  • Attends weekly Student Senate Meetings in the Memorial Union
  • Has an honest, genuine commitment to UMSG
  • Openly voices their opinion in order to support their convictions

Join the UMSG Team!

Being a student senator has allowed me to network with other like-minded students and become more involved on campus. It is such an amazing feeling to know that I, along with the rest of UMSG Inc, have impacted the entire campus and have truly made a difference”

– Senator Maria Maffucci

“Being a senator is an extraordinary honor and responsibility, particularly being college undergraduates. You get a limited number of years at UMaine and to involve yourself in the governing body and help facilitate positive growth of the entire University is a reward beyond calculation. You represent, advocate for, and speak on behalf of your peers in numerous issues crucial to making UMaine the college of our hearts.”

-Senator Samuel Borer