Logan Aromando

Logan Aromando is currently the Vice President of Student Entertainment for UMSG Inc. He is a Senior, working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Logan grew up in Kennebunk, Maine and graduated from Kennebunk High School with High Honors.

After coming to the University of Maine, Logan joined Sigma Phi Epsilon, where he served as an elected member of the recruitment cabinet. Logan then continued his college leadership role as the President of the Community Leadership Complex for the Honors Residence Hall. During his first year, Logan also was selected as one of 13 first year males to become a Sophomore Owl. Within the Sophomore Owls tradition society, Logan served as the Chair of New

Logan was then elected Vice President of Student Government (President of the Student Senate) and then President of UMSG, Inc. In the Vice President role, he brought about a number of changes including switching Student Senate from an at large system to a college based system, where each Senator is tied to their academic college. As elected President, his goals were to advocate for underrepresented populations on campus, increase Student Government’s social media presence, and bring dynamic forms of entertainment to campus.