Jack O’Donoghue

John “Jack” William O’Donoghue is a Senior pursuing a B.S. in Financial Economics. Born in Portland, ME and raised in Falmouth, ME, Jack has always found solace on the rocky coast of Casco Bay where he spent 6 years as a student commercial lobsterman. It was during these strenuous days when Jack realized he belonged at the flagship campus of the greatest state in the union. This epiphany is what led to a transfer from The University of Southern Maine after his freshman year. During his Sophomore year he joined the notorious UMaine Student Government as a Senator, the prestigious Beta Theta Pi fraternity as a brother and the victorious Ultimate Frisbee team which he would later come to captain during his final year as an undergraduate.


Throughout his Junior year he assumed the role of Treasurer for Camp Kesem, Treasurer of the Sustainability and Environmental Actions Division, Scholastic Chair of Beta and Vice President of Financial Affairs for Student Government. Using all of the knowledge acquired from these positions, Jack received an internship during the summer after his Junior year at an aquaculture startup in Portland called Running Tide Technologies.


As a self-described vagabond, Jack enjoys filling his life with adventures, big and small alike. From cycling through the beautiful countryside of Norway & Sweden, to taking trips to the grocery store, a change of scenery has always been his greatest hobby. As said best by Oscar Wilde: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”