Chase Flaherty

Chase Flaherty is a Junior from the small coastal town of Saint George, Maine pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree with a minor in Renewable Energy Engineering enrolled in the Honors College. He is currently the Vice President & President of the General Student Senate of UMSG Inc. Since joining the Senate in the fall of his first year, he has held multiple positions including Faculty Senate Representative, Services and Auxiliaries Representative, Policy & Procedure Chairman, and President Pro-Tempore, while simultaneously serving on multiple Committees of the Senate. Chase has developed experience in previous leadership opportunities such as the Executive Secretary of Alpha Tau Omega Leadership Development Fraternity, and the Vice President of the Sophomore Owls Traditions Society.

Chase has had the opportunity to develop a strong working relationship with Bentley Simpson through their endeavors together on the Senate in the past two years. The two hope to continue their chemistry throughout the 2019 – 2020 academic year, inciting passion, renewing energy, and furthering student interest in Student Government to ensure that UMSG Inc. is best serving the students that it represents.

As Vice President of UMSG, Chase hopes to help the Senate further develop relationships with the faculty and students of the many great departments on campus by better utilizing the college-based system. Additionally, Chase wants to further involve the committees of the Senate with student-led initiatives, giving students the means to advocate for their interests and implement their ideas to improve this great University that we know and love.