Society of Automotive Engineers

The UMaine Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) club seeks to create an opportunity for students of any major to take part in the many aspects of designing a vehicle for an SAE design completion. UMaine SAE’s primary goal is to compete in a North American SAE Collegiate Competition where teams across the nation are judged based on their design, cost report and racing abilities. In order to compete, UMaine SAE must design a vehicle, acquire funds to create the vehicle and then construct the vehicle from the frame up. To accomplish this tremendous challenge, UMaine SAE is comprised of student volunteers who collaborate and learn from each other and from available faculty or mentors. In doing so, members will gain valuable experience applicable to real world scenarios, giving them a leading edge for employment.

This year (2020/2021) the club with have two primary goals: the first is building a BAJA to compete in SAE’s Baja comeptition and the second is to troubleshoot issues preventing the club’s Formula car from running and driving. The club will have two main groups corresponding to eahc of these projects. For those interested in design work that can be achieved through the BAJA project as it is still in the preliminary deisgn phase. For those looking for more hands on experience, this can and will be achieved through both projects. The Frame for the BAJA is nearing completion and will should begin construction this year, while the formula car needs some TLC to restore it to its former glory.