Navigators (UMaine)

Update: 09-19-2019

The UMaine Navigators are a Christian campus ministry, the local collegiate chapter of the larger international organization of The Navigators. The UMaine Navigators offers a place of community and friendship while studying the Scriptures and learning more about living the Christian walk during this period of life. There are weekly meetings where we learn as a group (and also includes some food and games), typically at 7PM on Thursdays in the Union, as well as weekly men’s and women’s Bible Studies. Additionally, the UMaine Navigators provides one-on-one mentorship and discipling, areas of leadership growth, as well as conferences, retreats, and other activities that range from community service to team and leadership building.

Meets Weekly, 7:00 PM on Thursdays in the Totman Lounge, Memorial Union

President’s Name: Paula Crucianelli
Presidents Email:

Vice President’s Name: Rachel Feenstra
Vice Presidents Email:

Treasurer’s Name: Jacob Marchio
Treasurer’s Email:

Advisor’s Name: Samuel Heathcote
Advisor’s Email: