Intramural Sports Council

Updated 09-26-2019

Our organization offers intramural sports to all students, graduate or undergraduate. We offer a wide variety of sports throughout both the fall and spring semester. Some of the opportunities are attending a regional and if regional tournament is won, a national tournament if your team wins the UMaine flag football championship held in the fall semester. It also offers all students the chance to still be a part of a team and compete in sports that they have always enjoyed, or are just starting to play. This is all in a competitive, yet safe environment.

Meets: Monday, 5:00 pm, New Balance Recreation Center


President’s Name: Walker Thomas
Presidents Email:

Vice President’s Name: Ben Rees
Vice Presidents Email:

Treasurer’s Name: Adam Minnick
Treasurer’s Email:

Advisor’s Name: Thad Dwyer
Advisor’s Email: