Fair Elections Practices Committee

Fair Elections Practices Commission (FEPC) is an election commission that is committed to providing a fair election for all Student Government, General Student Senate (GSS), and any other Student Government recognized club elections. FEPC is responsible for conducting and tallying ballots for elections as well as providing election-based events, such as debates and inaugurations, to executive Student Government elections. FEPC is the final arbiter for all Student Government elections and conducts annual reviews of the commission as well as Representative Boards and Community Associations.

FEPC is composed of an elected, non-senator Chair, an elected Senator, and, at a minimum, two elected non-senator students. The FEPC provides students of the University of Maine fair elections for all Student Government and General Student Senate (GSS) elections, as well as any requesting Student Government sponsored club’s election. The majority of FEPC members are non-senator students who help regulate and act as final judges to the elections of the Student Government. In essence, regular, non-Student Government, students can voice their opinion on the fairness of elections through the use of FEPC.