Updated 09-20-2019

Whether you’ve been competing in dressage for years, have ridden another discipline, or you’ve never ridden a horse, the UMaine Dressage Club has something to offer for everyone! The requirements to join are you must be an undergraduate student at the University of Maine, and you must be passionate about horses!

Our team rides at Puckerbrush Farm in Newburgh, Maine with our talented coach Bryn Walsh. Team members are expected to take weekly lessons with our coach, whereas club members are welcome to take lessons but do not have requirements.

We have two types of members- club members and team members. Club members are welcome to all Dressage Club activities, including attending shows to cheer on team members. Team members participate in all club activities as well as compete in the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA). We compete in eight shows per school year, riding at schools such as UNH, Johnson and Wales, and URI. Additionally, we host 2 per academic year. We have sent a few teammates to compete at Nationals in the past, and we hope to send more in the future! Rather than hauling horses to an IDA show, all competing schools ride the host school’s horses. Team captains select a group of horses for their team, and from there horses are assigned to riders based on the rider’s level. The beauty of IDA is the opportunity to compete on many different types of horses, most of which we’ve never ridden before. Riding with IDA is a true testament to the rider’s ability!

In addition to riding, our club holds weekly meetings. We use this time to plan out our show season as well as fundraisers. Riding with IDA is a relatively affordable way to compete, and we fundraise to try to keep these costs even lower. Our club may also have restaurant meetings, compete as an Oozeball team on Maine Day, roller skate together at Great Skates, and so much more.

Meets Thursdays 6:00 – 7:00 pm, FFA Room, Memorial Union



President’s Name: Zoe Brown
Presidents Email: zoe.d.brown@maine.edu

Vice President’s Name: Kendall Szumilas
Vice Presidents Email: kendall.szumilas@maine.edu

Treasurer’s Name: Meriwether Stockford
Treasurer’s Email: meriwether.stockford@maine.edu

Advisor’s Name: Robert Causey
Advisor’s Email: rcausey@maine.edu