How to Become a Senator

What is required to become a senator?
Senators must be enrolled undergraduates at the University of Maine with at least a 2.0 GPA. 
Applications can be downloaded here or picked up at the Wade Center in the Memorial Union building. 
An application requires 50 signatures – How should I approach this?
To submit an application correctly, your efforts must be endorsed by 50 signatures. These 50 signatures must feature a minimum of 3 signatures from each academic college. The academic colleges are as listed below: 
1. Business
2. Education
3. Engineering
4. Liberal Arts
5. Natural Sciences (NSFA)
Don’t be intimidated! These endorsements can be obtained through whatever way you see fit. Try to utilize friends, clubs and organizations, events and other outlets! Have concerns about this process? Contact Alexandra Clayboss on FirstClass.
Any other Questions or Comments?
I became a senator because I wanted to make a direct impact in the lives of students on campus both now and for years to come. Senate is a great opportunity to both get involved with the University and be a voice in important decisions that have countless impacts on our University community. Senator Gregory Warmuth