Club Feature: Philosophy Club

The UMSG Club Feature of the week is the Philosophy Club! Find out more information about their organization and be sure to check out “dwell”, the student philosophy journal!

Description of your organization:
The Philosophy Club is the ultimate organization for free thinkers. We invite philosophers of all kind, analytic, continental, or those who are new to philosophy entirely and just wish to discuss new and different ideas. We volunteer regularly in teaching local high school students philosophy through a program called “Philosophy Across the Ages.” We also have an annual publication: the student philosophy journal called “dwell.” All majors and age groups are welcome to join!
When and where does the organization meet? 
We don’t meet regularly but like our Facebook page to get all the meeting and project updates!
What are some events that the organizations puts on, or activities that are common for the organization?
The Philosophy Club aim to engage students in philosophical discussion in multiple capacities.  We participate in a volunteer opportunity called “Philosophy Across the Ages.”  In this program, we volunteer our time to go to Orono High and host philosophical discussions throughout the semester – as well as eating pizza!  We are also currently working on our annual publication of “dwell.”  “dwell” is the Student philosophy journal that any student of any major can submit pieces and have the opportunity to get published!  Then we host a large launch party for the journal at the end of the year.
What are the goals of the organization? 
The Philosophy Club hopes to show students that philosophy does not need to be an intimidating, daunting, or irrelevant academic field.  Philosophy can be found everywhere and can be applied anywhere!  We hope to discuss topics students care about and expand their deep thinking and understanding of different perspectives and philosophies.
Who to contact for more information:

President: Thilee Yost

Official Club Email: