Club Feature: CANS

This weeks UMSG featured club is CANS! 

CANS is a student representative board that represents the commuter and non-traditional students. This includes people living off campus, parents and even veterans. They work closely with the staff of the commuter lounge to make a “second home” for those commuters that spend most of their day on campus and are looking for a nice place to sit and do homework and even make some friends if they’d like.
CANS meets every Friday from 3 pm-3:30 pm in the commuter lounge located in the Wade Center. They usually just choose a table and meet at it and anyone is welcome to join if they’d like.
CANS hosts one big event and then helps with a few others. The big event that CANS provides is a pancake breakfast to all commuters and non-trad students once a month. Another event that CANS helps host is First Friday Bagels. Every first Friday of the month, we get dozens of bagels for the commuters and non-traditional students. Finally, CANS helps host both commuter week and non-traditional week.
CANS has one major goal for this year and that is to expand the group size! Right now we have a few dedicated members and we are slowly expanding the count. We want to expand because that will allow us to do more for the commuters and non-traditional students and also so that we can hear more from the general commuter populace.
If people would like to learn more about CANS, they can reach, Chris Toothaker, the President at or the VP Ian Johnson at If students would like to be added to the CANS email list, please let them know and you can be updated with what’s going on!