Club Feature: Black Student Union

The Student-Government recognized Black Student Union has been recognized as this weeks Club Feature for there amazing work of educating about and advocating for underrepresented student populations here at UMaine!
We are the only anti-racist activist group on campus and we are committed to educating and engaging our campus community in antiracist issues and discussions-both local and national.
We typically meet Fridays at 4pm in the Multicultural Student Life Office on the third floor of the union, however meeting times haven’t been officially nailed down yet. Any changes would be posted to the UMaine Black Student Union page on Facebook!
We hold several events throughout the year; Black history month, the Black Lives Matter flag raising, Multicultural Mondays, and the Hair Care Fair.
BSU has a couple different goals; first we try to draw attention to inequality and injustice in our local campus community and on a national scale by holding educational and/or solidarity anti-racist events and second we try to provide a network of black and of color students, as well as white allies, who can provide support in our predominantly white institution whether that be through resources to react to bias or just to have a space where they are not the only PoC in the room.
For more information contact Kirsten Daley (!
Find out more info about the March For Black Women here!