Letter To Students: 1-31-17

The UMaine Student Government wanted to specifically address growing concerns amongst the undergraduate student body following the Executive Order on Immigration signed by President Trump on Friday. The University of Maine is blessed with a diverse student body and their engaged presence on our campus has added immeasurable value to the UMaine community. We want to ensure all students that the UMaine Student Government, UMaine Leadership, and UMS Board of Trustees will always continue to yield support to and advocate for our students.


Currently, we are working alongside University leadership to develop an informational forum that will aim to educate those on the meaning of the Executive Order and the potential effect it may have on our students. More information will follow as that forum is further developed.


We at UMSG want to assure all students that the immigration laws of the United States and the Constitutional freedoms and protections still stand strong.


If there are any questions in regards to next steps, or if any undergraduate student has concerns about safety or comfort, please reach out to any member of UMSG or the appropriate on-campus resource. Your representatives can be found at https://umaine.edu/umsg/.


Below is a list of on-campus resources:


Counseling Center (Free & Confidential): (207) 581-1392

Office of Multicultural Student Life: (207) 581-1428

Office of International Programs: (207) 581-3437

Dean of Student’s Office: (207) 581-1406

University of Maine Police Department: (207) 581-4040

Office of Community Standards, Rights, & Responsibilities: (207) 581-1409


Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, we are here to serve you.




Kevin Bois, Undergraduate Student Body President

Samuel Borer, Undergraduate Student Body Representative to the UMS Board of Trustees