Feature: UMaine’s Student Academy of Audiology

The University of Maine’s New Student Academy of Audiology


A group of University of Maine undergraduates have founded a new student organization on campus in an attempt to augment the experience for students in their area of study:


While our campus offers a Communication Sciences and Disorders Major, these ladies believed our campus could benefit from more exposure to the field of audiology specifically. UMaine’s Student Academy of Audiology is now one of the newest organizations to join our campus. The organization boasts being the only SAA club represented in the State of Maine – a very impressive feat.


The SAA experience includes guest lecturers from the likes of hearing technology companies, Special Olympics, Vestibular companies and other audiologists right here on campus in Orono. The group hopes to foster research and discussion on audiology between its members; something they believe many CSD majors could benefit from. In addition, the opportunities for partnership with other groups in our community and the potential for philanthropic efforts are endless.


The five CSD majors who founded the club (listed below) all plan on going into the field after school and have applied to appropriate graduate school programs. They hope that UMaine’s SAA has a sustainable future on campus that adds to Orono’s incredible student experience.


Interested in getting involved or working with this organization? Feel free to reach out to any of the contacts listed below. In addition, give the ‘Student Academy of Audiology at UMaine’ a like on facebook!



Allison Blunt – President

Adriana Martineau – Vice President

Kendall Pike – Secretary

Jaime Roy – Treasurer

Marissa Hanson – Social chair



Have any questions or comments? Would you like to see your club featured on UMSG’s web site? Contact our Director of Communications – Cody Rubner : cody.rubner@maine.edu for more information.