Matthew Dube

This summer is my ninth summer with Upward Bound, having served as math and stats instructor, bridge faculty, group project facilitator, individual project mentor, and liaison to the facility.  For some of you, you may have seen me before if you play baseball because I have umpired around the state for the same time frame. My academic background is in geographic information science, databases, and formal mathematics.  That being said, my research tends to be extremely applied and has some pretty widespread impacts. My work ranges from conceptual artificial intelligence and knowledge generation to political redistricting theory to equine health.  Math and computers are just two of those things that find ways to apply themselves pretty much anywhere. In my daily life, I teach databases, data visualization, data mining, and computer programming. Apart from that, you will find me on a baseball field, writing mischievously (maybe you have seen/heard some of my products), dancing, or dealing with my three pets.  Contrary to popular belief, I do NOT play crud, ping pong, slaps, or Egyptian Rat Screw in my spare time (these things are like riding a bicycle – you don’t forget them).