NetTutor: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does NetTutor cost?

There is no additional charge for NetTutor!

Q: What is the knowledge and skill level of the tutors?                

NetTutor Tutors have a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD and have gone through training. When your student requests a session, the tutors at NetTutor see what the course is and whoever is the skilled tutor in that area will tutor the student.

Q: How are the NetTutor tutors trained?

NetTutor trains their staff using the same guidelines as University’s Learning Centers/Tutoring Program’s. They use the Socratic Method, asking questions to see where the issues are and then provide insight and guidance.  If the tutor feels they cannot help the student, they refer the student back to the instructor. This is in line with the Tutor Program’s Philosophy at UMaine.

Q: How do I use NetTutor?

Students can upload documents for the tutors to see and they can chat, use audio and video to work through the information with the student. 

Q: Who supervises NetTutor at UMaine?

The Tutor Program oversees NetTutor and is able to review all student sessions. If instructors or students have any issues with the service please contact

Q: How do I find out if my course has NetTutor?

Courses sections designated as 0990 or 0991 and Hutchinson’s Center are eligible for NetTutor at the instructor’s approval.  To find out which courses have NetTutor, click here

Q: What other ways is NetTutor used by the student?

Students can submit a question and have it answered by a tutor and they come back to their account later and retrieve the answer.  They also can submit a paper and ask questions and come back later to read the tutors comments. Keep in mind that NetTutor’s tutors are not proofing papers for students. Additionally, students can upload examples in real time and chat with a tutor which can include video and audio or audio only.  Many options are available. The other feature that is helpful for students is all their work is saved in a “Locker” for them to review at a later date. 

Q: What should I do if the NetTutor Link in my course is not working?

If the NetTutor link does not work, first reach out to your instructor to see if the link has not yet been made available.  If it has, and it still is not working contact