Training Program

This graduate level telepractice training program is one of the first in the country to teach telepractice as a service delivery model to future Speech-Language Pathologists. The training program has three learning components that are guided by ASHA requirements of knowledge and skills in providing speech therapy telepractice clinical services. The University of Maine Speech Telepractice and Technology Program Manual along with accompanying forms can be found at the Digital Commons Library.

Learning Component 1: Intensive Training

  • Video conferencing system
  • Software applications for digital materials
  • Web-based content management of digital materials
  • Recording/editing
  • Training e-Helpers
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Documentation
  • Laws and regulations

Learning Component 2: Clinical Practicum

  • Supervised experiential learning
  • Uses/types of technology
  • Client selection
  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Use of support personnel
  • Outcomes measures
  • Documentation
  • Professional and interpersonal skills

Learning Component 3: Discussion Groups

  • Share learning experiences
  • Case presentations
  • Develop new telepractice content
  • Learn different types of technology
  • Troubleshoot