Black Bears Have Green Rooms

UMaine Green Office Certification Program

What is it?

Are you interested in making UMaine a more sustainable campus? You can make a difference by taking part in our green office certification program, Black Bears Have Green Rooms. Anyone with an office on campus can complete a green office certification and earn a certified green space badge and sustainable swag.  The process is easy!

The simplest level of certification is Level One. It involves easy steps you and your office mates can take to improve your office’s energy efficiency, reduce waste, and develop sustainability-minded practices.

Level Two certification is available to those who have already completed Level One and are interested in making their offices even greener.

How to get certified:

You may complete the Black Bears Have Green Rooms certification program at any time. Simply click on the link to the Level One certification survey below. Fill out the survey to see how many green office credits you earn. To receive the Level One certification, you must earn 68% of the available points.

Don’t earn enough points to qualify? You can stop and save your survey at any point. As you adopt more green office practices, you can change your survey answers. Submit your survey once you have completed your green office makeover.

Once you submit your survey:

Following your survey submission, you will be contacted by someone from the Office of Sustainability to arrange an office visit. During this visit, we will go over your survey and answer any questions you may have about campus sustainability. Upon verification of your efforts, you will receive a badge to identify your office as a Certified Green Space and some sustainable swag as a thank you for your efforts.

Office of Sustainability
312-314 Corbett Hall
Orono, Maine 04469-5774
Tel: 207.581.1571