Students who have tested positive for COVID-19 are moved to Isolation. Until you are released by University officials, you should stay in place and order your meals to be delivered to your room. 

The instructions to do so are below. Please know that breaking isolation will result in a violation of our conduct code. 

Care manager: 

You will be assigned a care manager via e-mail. This is a person who will check in with you to make sure you have everything you need and is also someone you can call if you need anything!

Instructions for Move-In

Your MaineCard will get you into the apartment and your room inside of the apartment. HOWEVER, there will also be a BRACELET in your room when you enter your room. Put this on immediately and wear it for the entirety of your isolation. 

E-mail your care manager the 3 digit number on the inside of the bracelet when you get to the room and they will program it for you. 

The bracelet is waterproof and can be worn in the shower. This bracelet will get you into your assigned room and the apartment and will prevent you from being locked out. 

When you are released by University officials and your isolation is done, take off the bracelet and put it on the kitchen table in the apartment. Losing your bracelet will result in a charge of $20 that will appear on your student bill. 

There is a thermostat in your room if your room is chilly! Try turning that up first. If that doesn’t work, let us know!


Linked below you will find some helpful documents regarding food, resources, and other things.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to be in touch. We are here to support you!

Isolation Expectations

The primary goal of isolation is to limit interactions with other people in an effort to limit the spread of disease during the period of time that an individual has been identified as a close contact of a person who tested positive or is a confirmed case or has a confirmed positive case. Any personal interactions with other people during quarantine or isolation will likely contribute to the spread of disease. It is extremely important that students in quarantine or isolation maintain their separation until they are released by the Maine CDC or a medical professional working with the University.

Students in isolation must: 

  • Report any symptoms of COVID-19 while in quarantine or isolation by contacting Cutler Health Center at 207-581-4000
  • Identify, when asked, contacts you have had for the purpose of contact tracing/tracking
  • Not leave the room or the residence hall unless released from quarantine by a medical health provider working with the university or the Maine CDC.
  • Arrange for food with the assistance of Dining Services (see attached).  Ordering take-out food can cause disease spread and is not allowed.
  • Arrange to continue academic work with Care Manager working with professors and instructors.
  • Abide by instructions from the Care Manager, medical health provider, Maine CDC and university personnel.
  • Not permit guests into the hall or into the room.
  • Exit the room only for the following reasons (you must wear a face covering at all times)
    • pick up food in the designated location on the floor 
    • in the event of an emergency evacuation (follow directions provided).