Jacob Chaplin

Year Classification: Sophomore 

Major: Political Science 

Hometown: Blackstone, MA 

Student Organization: Honors Student Advisory Board

What does UMaine mean to you?: Over the years, UMaine has become a place I call home and apart of who I am as a person. This home is one in which I feel accepted and encouraged to challenge myself, while always having fun too. UMaine has become the community that I most closely associate with.

Blaize Vail

Year Classification: Senior 

Major: Communications

Hometown: Portland, ME 

Student Organization: Inter-fraternity Council 

What does UMaine mean to you?: The University of Maine has been a place where I have been given the necessary resources and support to thrive independently. I’ve grown and developed in a plethora of ways since arriving here thanks to the people and, opportunities I’ve been able to seize. This university means a great deal to me and my loyalty to the navy blue, light blue and white has never been stronger. This community, has been a place where I can unapologetically be myself and be the best version of myself. As I enter my senior year I only now truly see what it means like to be a student at the University of Maine. What it means to be a beacon of excellence. What it means to be, a black bear.

Holly Arend

Year Classification: Senior 

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Portland, ME

Student Organization: Women’s Club Soccer

What does UMaine mean to you?: UMaine has come to mean home. I transferred here my sophomore year and was unwary of how this would become my new home. After the pandemic started and school went to a new medium. I ended up finding more friends and family who were willing to make changes and support eachother throughout these hard times. I’m so grateful for this school and how it has helped me grow and find passions for things I never knew I would have. And I’m thankful for the amazing experiences and people I have met and encountered. 


Kaylee Knowles

Year Classification: Senior 

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Hometown: Bucksport, ME

Student Organization: Panhellenic Council 

What does UMaine mean to you?: UMaine has taught me how to give back to my community and others, how to connect to the people around you, how to stick up for your own opinions, and most importantly how be myself and never apologize for it. Providing me with resources and tools to flourish and grow into the woman and leader I am supposed to be. I will always keep my memories I’ve made here close to the heart and will continually show my love for the College of Our Hearts.

Mary Collias

Year Classification: Junior 

Major: Accounting 

Hometown: Wilton Cycle, CT 

Student Organization: Alpha Phi 

What does UMaine mean to you?: UMaine means family to me. Since coming to UMaine I have found a community where I feel appreciated in many different facets of campus. Coming from out of state, I was worried about meshing with UMaine, but I have truely found my home away from home.

Jette Fox

Year Classification: Senior 

Major: Nursing 

Home: Virginia 

Student Organization: Partners for World Health 

What does UMaine mean to you?: UMaine is more than just a college, it’s a family. Being a UMaine black bear means you represent the university and its values and care for one another, even if you don’t really know each other; here, you are one of the same. It means not only participating in classes but being a role model and friend to fellow students. It means standing for the continuation of traditions and participating in school spirit. UMaine students are inclusive to all and accept diversity. Being at UMaine means being at home and being around the ones you love. I’m not from Maine, I’m from Virginia, but coming up to school here has been one of the best decisions I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and I am proud now to forever call Maine my home.

Jordon Gregory

Year Classification: Senior 

Major: Chemical Engineering 

Hometown: Minot, ME 

Student Organization: UMaine Alternative Breaks 

What does UMaine mean to you?: UMaine has come to be my second home. It has provided me a space to learn and grow as a student, leader, and person. Through getting involved in clubs and organization I have made friends I had never thought possible. To academic resources and the pulp and paper foundation where I made connections that will take me far beyond any career that I had imagined. I have had so many “first” experiences here at UMaine from the first day going on a trip to Acadia with a leadership living learning community. To my friends teaching me how to ski. Internship opportunities in the paper industry. Giving a welcome speech to the Class of 2025 at the class picture tradition ceremony and many more that have shaped who I am.

Vincent Scott

Year Classification: Senior 

Major: Ecology and Environmental Sciences 

Hometown: Readfield, ME 

Student Organization: Maine Alternative Breaks 

What does UMaine mean to you?: My experience at UMaine, and I say this to my tours all of the time, has genuinely been the best years of my life up until this point. When I say the University of Maine is my second home, I mean it. Following the completion of my senior year of high school, I wasn’t exactly sure that UMaine was the place that I wanted be however I would not allow myself to begin this experience with a bad attitude. Three years later and I cannot even imagine having gone to another school. The community, connections and experiences that I have received are invaluable and I hope one day I am able to give back to UMaine what I have gained from it. I am proud to say that I bleed blue and that UMaine will forever be the College of My Heart Always!