Test Proctoring Information for Faculty:

Student Accessibility Services(SAS) Test Proctoring Procedures

Students with disabilities may choose to use their approved accommodations for exams. If you, as faculty, are unable to provide the accommodations and need SAS to proctor your exam please review the procedures below.

Proctoring Form

  • We require a test proctoring form be completed and returned to SAS.
  • The test proctoring form is attached to the accommodation letter faculty receive from the student with a disability (either print or electronic).  Alternately you can also fill out this convenient Google Form: Test Proctoring Google Form for Faculty.
  • If all test dates for the class are determined at the start of the semester, one form can be used with all the dates listed (including final exams).
  • Students are required to fill out Section 1 of the Test Proctoring Form and deliver it to the Faculty to complete Section 2.
  • Faculty complete Section 2 of the form. Please note that a new form is required every semester; your preferences or procedures may have changed and we will not make assumptions about this information.  Alternately you can also fill out this convenient Google Form: Test Proctoring Google Form for Faculty.
  • When the form has been completed it can be returned to SAS by yourself or the student. Please make sure to identify who will be returning the form to SAS when the student meets with you to discuss accommodations.


  • We ask that the proctoring form be delivered to SAS 3 business days prior to regular exams during the semester and one week before a final exam.
  • The exam should be delivered to East Annex or available to be picked up by SAS staff by 4:00 the day before regular exams (if your exam is not ready to be delivered by 4pm the day prior you must contact SAS). Final exams must be delivered or available to be picked up 2 business days prior to a final exam.


Please be advised of the following information:

  1. OUR OFFICE HOURS ARE 7:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. ALL EXAMS MUST BE COMPLETED BY 4:30 P.M. IF SAS IS THE TESTING LOCATION. If your exam is later in the day, or the student has a conflict that does not allow them to access their approved amount of time during our office hours the student may request an alternate time earlier in the day or the following morning. If you have questions or concerns about approving an alternate a test time please contact SAS.
  2. Due to the heavy volume of exams we are not able to proctor exams if the procedures above are not followed.
  3. SAS can not be responsible for reminding faculty to send exams that will be proctored.
  4. If there are multiple students in your class receiving accommodations we can send a multi-student proctoring form, so that faculty do not have to fill out multiple forms. Please contact SAS at 581-2319 or email mandi.hinchman@maine.edu if you prefer to use a multi-student proctoring form.

Still have questions or need assistance SAS staff are glad to assist. Please contact us at um.sas@maine.edu, mandi.hinchman@maine.edu, shenry@maine.edu or 581-2319.