UMaine GROW Outcomes

Over the course of the 2018 program year, most students showed improvement in all program categories; this includes: oral and written communication, time management, problem solving abilities, conflict negotiation, preparation for real-world employment, learning about their chosen field, making connections between work and academics, and more. Most students involved made a point to note their appreciation for the opportunity to sit one-on-one with their supervisor.

Quotes from UMaine GROW Students

“UMaine GROW has helped me realize how open my workplace is to helping me.”

 “I think it gives students a great opportunity for personal reflection and an opportunity to receive feedback from their supervisors. Receiving feedback from my supervisor was definitely an opportunity for me to explain my process of communication throughout the semester. The entire semester I was able to communicate with people everyday and keep in mind my goal to improve.”

“I have definitely become more comfortable sharing my opinions and growing out of my shell.”

Post-Program Results