Steering Committee


  • Jeff Hecker, Executive VP for Academic Affairs and Provost (Chair)
  • Andy Egan, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Head of Campus

UMaine Faculty Senate

  • Finance and Institutional Planning Committee representative: Mauricio da Cunha, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Research and Scholarship representative: Deborah Saber, Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Executive Committee: Dave Townsend, Professor of Oceanography, Faculty Senate President

UMM Faculty Assembly President: Daniel Qualls, Associate Professor of Education

Board of Visitors Members

  • UMaine: Julia Munsey, Director Maine International Trade Center and Chair, UMaine Alumni Association
  • UMM: Jacob van de Sande, Maine Coast Heritage Trust Land Protection Project Manager

University of Maine Foundation Board member


Undergraduate students

  • UMaine: Cole Lemelin
  • UMM: Dawn Johnson

Graduate Student: Elisabeth Kilroy, Biomedical Sciences and Engineering and Vice President, Graduate Student Government

PEAC Representative: Erin-Kate Sousa, Senior ESL Teacher and PEAC Chair

CEAC Representative: Valerie McTigue, Print Services Supervisor and CEAC Treasurer

AFUM Representative: Lisa Neuman, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Native American Studies and AFUM President

Office of Sustainability: Dan Dixon, Director, Office of Sustainability and Associate Professor, Climate Change Institute