Who Are We?

Our research interests focus on the intersection of human (social systems) and natural resources (ecological systems), and thus our work is interdisciplinary in nature. At this intersection, we examine the social impacts of resource management – the community interactions, associated conflicts, and decision-making. This research is called, human dimensions of natural resources and we focus on wildlife and fisheries management issues. We are interested in understanding future management directives/objectives, current management strengths/weaknesses, and public opinion towards difference species and management actions.

What do we do?

We study humans, plain and simple, well actually typically not so simple. Human dimensions of wildlife is the study of “how people value wildlife, how they want wildlife to be managed and how they are affected or affect wildlife management decisions” (Decker et al. 2012). Understanding what makes people tic, is a difficult and interesting task. This area of study provides applied results for people in the real world.