Graduate Summer Session


The University of Maine Division of Music is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music.


The University of Maine School of Performing Arts Division of Music offers graduate studies leading to the Master of Music degree in Music Education with an optional conducting emphasis and Performance. Individualized curricula are designed to meeting students’ interests and needs while offering a balanced program of academic and professional courses.

Course offerings are scheduled so that students who are otherwise employed may meet all degree requirements for any major by enrolling in any four consecutive terms. This plan is recommended for students pursuing majors in Performance and Conducting where course continuity is desirable. For students who pursue full-time graduate studies during the academic year and summers, it is possible to complete all degree requirements in a shorter time span. Core courses offered during fall and spring semesters are scheduled in afternoon time blocks to allow area music teachers to enroll. Students in the Music Education major can complete all degree requirements within four consecutive summers or less.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships and Trustee Tuition Waivers are available at The University of Maine. For information contact: 207.581.1247

For graduate information for the music program, contact:

Dr. Stuart Marrs, School of Performing Arts, University of Maine
5788 Class of 1944 Hall, Orono, ME 04469-5788
Call: 207.581.1247

For registration materials, contact:

Graduate School, The University of Maine
Stodder Hall, Room 42, Orono. ME 04469-5775
Call: 207.581.3219

For parking information contact:

The MaineCard Office
Room 130, Memorial Union
Free one-week temporary passes are available for students enrolled in these classes.

To register: 

The University of Maine Graduate School

5775 Stodder Hall, Room 42
Orono, Maine 04469-5775
(207) 581-3219