The minor in dance is designed to provide the student with basic foundational courses in dance technique, as well as in choreography, history, and production, all with a focus toward performance. Students will receive dance technique training in ballet, modern, tap, and jazz. In addition, students will study composition and gain expertise in choreography. Students will study dance history and will be involved in the many aspects of creating a performance, from advertising to backstage and house management. All dance students are encouraged to participate in the annual dance concert as well as informal studio showings and the activities of the UMaine Dance Club. Production credits may be available for these efforts.


Students are required to take a total of 18 credits. Of those, a total of 14 credits must be from technique courses, listed below:

DAN 101Beginner Modern Dance I   (Credits: 2*)

DAN 121Beginner Modern Dance II (Credits: 2*)

DAN 201 Intermediate Modern Dance (Credits: 2-3*)

DAN 301Advanced Modern Dance (Credits: 2*)

DAN 102 Beginner Ballet I (Credits: 2*)

DAN 122Beginner Ballet II (Credits: 2*)

DAN 202Intermediate Ballet (Credits:  2-3*)

DAN 302Advanced Ballet (Credits:  2*)

DAN 103Beginner Jazz I (Credits: 2*)

DAN 123Beginner Jazz II (Credits: 2*)

DAN 203Intermediate Jazz (Credits: 2*)

DAN 303Advanced Jazz (Credits: 2*)

DAN 105Beginner Tap    (Credits: 2*)

DAN 205 Intermediate Tap   (Credits: 2*)

DAN 130 Ballroom and World Dance Forms (Credits: 2*)

DAN 270Pilates Conditioning & Functional Anatomy     (Credits: 3*)

DAN 297Introductory Topics in Dance (Credits: 2*)

DAN 397Intermediate Topics in Dance (Credits: 2*)

DAN 497Advanced Topics in Dance (Credits: 2*)

DAN 498Dance Project/Thesis (Credits: 3)

MUO 111 Marching Band (Credits: 0-1*)

*May be repeated for credit.


Every minor must take 3 credits of either course:

DAN 250Dance Composition I (Credits: 3)


DAN 266Dance History (Credits: 3)

Lastly, every minor must take 1 credit of this course:

DAN 112Production/Rehearsal (Credits: 1*)     (Pass/Fail; audition or permission)