Alex Kinney – Student Profile

Alex Kenney from Scituate, Massachusetts

The sophomore music education major with a vocal concentration was born in Vienna, Austria. He’s also lived in Russia and Kazakhstan. This summer, Kenney interned at the Latvian Academy of Culture through the American Latvian Association in Riga, Latvia.

“Music has been a part of me my whole life. Ever since I started piano lessons in Moscow when I was 7, I knew I wanted to be a musician — my teacher helped me realize how much I loved music. After piano, I moved on to singing, which is a passion of mine, and really started to focus on it when I was a junior in high school. I had two years of voice lessons before coming to UMaine, and during high school got to work at the Boston Latvian School, where I was a teacher’s aide and occasionally the teacher, working with grades pre-K to 8. During my internship at the Latvian Academy of Culture I translated lectures, documents and films for the academy. Latvians don’t normally offer internships, so the experience was different and rather fluid compared to internships in the States. When I’m not practicing my songs or knee-deep in homework, I love to take pictures. I started a few years ago and have since been lucky to work with both the Maine Steiners and UMaine Renaissance taking their headshots. The Music Department, its students and faculty and the University Singers are a large part of why I love UMaine.”