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Recent Staff Papers

SOE 616

S.D. Reiling and T. Cheng

Outdoor Recreation Trends in Maine

SOE Staff Paper 603 (PDF)
Todd Gabe
Medical Costs of Childhood Obesity in Maine

SOE Staff Paper 600 (PDF)
Todd Gabe, James C. McConnon, Jr.
Economic Contribution of Maine’s Golf Industry in 2011

SOE Staff Paper 590 (PDF)
Todd Gabe
Statewide Economic Contribution of A Proposed Casino in Oxford, ME

SOE Staff Paper 588 (PDF)

Philip A. Trostel
Maine State- and Local-Government Payroll and Expenditure in 2007

SOE Staff Paper 586 (PDF)
Todd Gabe, James C. McConnon, Jr
Economic Impacts of Year-Round Residents Living on Mount Desert Island, Maine

SOE Staff Paper 585 (PDF)
Mario Teisl, Eric Fromberg, Kevin J. Boyle, Andy Smith
Measuring the impact of Maine’s ‘Safe Eating Guidelines’:  A Fish Consumption Advisory for at-risk women

Article Submission: Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization (PDF)
Mario Teisl, Caroline L. Noblet, Jonathan Rubin
The Psychology of Eco-Consumption

SOE Staff Paper 583 (PDF)
Caroline L. Noblet, James Wilson, Thomas Allen
Stonington Lobster and Fishing Industries: Infrastructure, Challenges and Opportunities (1-45) & Supplemental Lobster Bait Analysis (46-59)

SOE Staff Paper 581 (PDF)
Sarah Larochelle, James C. McConnon, Jr., Todd M. Gabe
Effects of Microbusinesses on U.S. Regional Economic Growth

SOE Staff Paper 579 (PDF)
Mary Davis
An Economic Cost Assessment of Environmentally-Related Childhood Diseases in Maine

SOE Staff Paper 578 (PDF)
Todd Gabe and James C. McConnon, Jr.
Economic Impact of Cruise Ship Passengers in Portland, Maine

SOE Staff Paper 577
Caroline L. Noblet, Todd M. Gabe
Economic Profile of the Maine Guiding Industry

SOE Staff Paper 575 (PDF)
Todd Gabe
Fiscal and Economic Impacts of Beverage Excise Taxes Imposed by Maine Public Law 629

SOE Staff Paper 570 (PDF)
Mary Davis
The Economic Burden of Childhood Exposure to Secondhand
Smoke in Maine

SOE Staff Paper 569 (PDF)
Todd Gabe
Market Potential for a Proposed Racino in Calais, Maine

SOE Staff Paper 568 (PDF)
Todd Gabe
Effects of Hollywood Slots on Bangor Area Retail Sales

SOE Staff Paper 567 (PDF)
Mark Anderson
Reducing Your Footprint: A Handbook for Reducing Household Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Supporting Spreadsheet

SOE Staff Paper 566 (PDF)
Philip Trostel and Todd Gabe
Fiscal and Economic Effects of College Attainment

REP Staff Paper 565 (PDF)
Caroline L. Noblet, Todd M. Gabe
Business Climate for Maine’s Environmental and Energy Technology Sector

REP Staff Paper 564 (PDF)
Todd M. Gabe, Caroline L. Noblet
Economic Profile of the Environmental and Energy Technology Sector in Maine

REP Staff Paper 563 (PDF)
Thomas Allen, Todd M. Gabe, and James C. McConnon
The Economic Contribution of Agri-Tourism to the Maine Economy

SOE Staff Paper 560 (PDF)
Sibel Atasoy, James C. McConnon, and Todd Gabe
The Economic Importance and Impact of Microenterprises to the New England Economy | Number of Microbusinesses and Employment Levels by County and State

REP Staff Paper 551 (PDF)
Mario F. Teisl, Alice White-Cyr, Caroline Noblet, and Jonathan Rubin
Mainers’ knowledge, practices and attitudes toward clean air, vehicle emissions
and Maine’s Clean Car Program
Many additional reports are available for download at the Maine Agriculture & Forestry Experiment Station and the Margaret Chase Smith Center

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