Masters Degree Overview

All graduate degrees in the School of Economics have a common structure.

Graduate Advisory Committee – All graduate students have an advisory committee. The committee includes at least three members, two of which (including the committee chair/academic advisor) must be from the School of Economics (SOE). The third and any additional members may be graduate faculty from other units within UMaine. Experts from outside UMaine may also serve on graduate committees, after their record of qualifications is approved by the School of Economics and the Graduate School.

Program of Study – All graduate students must develop a Program of Study (POS) in consultation with their advisory committee. The POS lists all classes the student will complete to obtain the degree. A POS form should be filed no later than the 2nd semester in the program (before completion of 12 credit hours). This form is available via Graduate School at:

Oral Comprehensive Examination – All graduate students (thesis and non-thesis) must pass a final oral comprehensive exam. The exam will be comprehensive and include knowledge in your major area of concentration and thesis (if applicable). You will schedule the oral examination in consultation with your advisory committee and submit a Notice of Oral Examination at least 2 weeks in advance. Refer to the Graduate School examination and defense procedures:

Application for Graduation – Students must make a plan to graduate in May, August or December, and apply for graduation. When planning to graduate, students should follow the Graduate School’s graduation checklists:, which provide a list of deadlines leading up to your chosen graduation date. These deadlines change each year. It is the student’s responsibility (not your advisor’s) to know and follow the graduate school deadlines and procedures. In the final step before graduation, the School of Economics Graduate Coordinator files a Completion of Requirements (COR) Form with the Graduate School. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the Graduate Coordinator has all of the proper forms and to meet all of the requirements that feed into the COR, including: (a) a completed and up-to-date POS form that matches your course transcript; (b) complete copies of all other graduate school forms (e.g., thesis completion/oral exam forms); (c) all course and grade requirements are met; and (d) all thesis and research requirements are met. Once the requirements have all been met, submit the these documents along with a partially-filled COR form (pdf) to the Graduate Coordinator for a final review.