Image of hotel and lodging

SOE Researchers Update Study on Maine Hospitality Economic Impact

Maine restaurants and lodging establishments are expected to generate between $2.7 billion and $3.3 billion in sales this year, according to new research by UMaine Professors Todd Gabe and Andrew Crawley of the School of Economics. “We’re expecting 2020 hospitality sales to decrease about 30 percent relative to sales from last year,” said Andrew Crawley, […]

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Sharon Klein

SOE Faculty Member Sharon Klein featured in Maine Science Podcast

Associate Professor Sharon Klein is the star of a recent Maine Science Podcast. In her conversation with Kate Dickerson, Founder and Director of the Maine Science Festival, Sharon shares interesting insights about her research of renewable energy and community-based renewable energy projects and her enthusiasm for providing students with authentic research experiences. Sharon conducts cutting-edge […]

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Hannah Merriam

Congratulations SOE Graduate Alumna Hannah Merriam

Hannah Merriam successfully defended her M.S. in Resource Economics and Policy in May 2020. Her graduate research investigated the ability of Maine clammers to adapt their harvesting strategies and mitigate financial losses from environmental closures of clam flats. Hannah was advised by SOE faculty members Dr. Keith S. Evans (chair), Dr. Kathleen P. Bell, and […]

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SOE Assistant Professor Angela Daley’s Research Offers Suggestions to Improve Comparisons of Economic Well-Being

SOE Assistant Professor Angela Daley and colleagues recently published research on comparing economic well-being in the International Review of Applied Economics. They focused on the challenges of comparing economic well-being across countries and time using a common equivalence scale to reflect economies of scale in household consumption. By revealing differences in household expenditure patterns across […]

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SOE Faculty Caroline Noblet, Keith Evans, and Kathleen Bell are participating in AERE’s first virtual Summer Conference

Drs. Caroline Noblet, Keith Evans, and Kathleen Bell are participating in the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists’ first virtual Summer Conference.  By attending this week’s online conference sessions, SOE faculty are helping advance cutting-edge research methods and insights to address economic issues in Maine and beyond. At this challenging time, Drs. Noblet, Evans, and […]

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Andrew Crawley

NEWS CENTER Maine covers SOE Faculty Andrew Crawley and Students Work on the Economic Impacts of COVID-19

SOE Assistant Professor Andrew Crawley and graduate students are working with the State Economist’s Office to develop forecasts of the impacts of COVID-19 on Maine’s economy. As part of his ECO527 course, graduate students created five models to evaluate potential changes in tourism spending, travel-related spending, cruise ship spending, state revenues and overall sectoral output […]

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