4+1 Accelerated Economics Masters Program

The 4+1 Accelerated Economics Masters Program allows Economics majors to take graduate coursework during their final undergraduate years in order to complete a master’s degree with one year of graduate study. Students first pre-apply to the 4+1 program during their sophomore or junior year. If preliminarily accepted, students take graduate coursework during their junior and senior years, which can be counted toward their graduate degree if accepted into the graduate program. Acceptance to the graduate program is separate and not guaranteed by this pre-application. Prospective 4+1 students must apply to Graduate School during their senior year. If accepted as a graduate student, up to five graduate course credits taken during undergraduate study can be counted toward the student’s graduate record upon successful completion of Master’s requirements.


Qualifications for 4+1 Pre-Application:

  • GPA of 3.0 and above
  • B or better in calculus, ECO 321 and ECO 350 or 420
  • Sophomore or Junior standing


Alternative 4+1 Schedules


Economics 4+1 Pre-Application

Economics 4+1 Program Pre-Application