Nick Alvarez named Outstanding Graduate Student in the School of Economics

Nick Alvarez is the 2021Outstanding Graduate Student in the School of Economics (SOE). Nick earned this honor by achieving academic excellence, making significant research contributions, and strengthening our teaching & mentoring programs. Impressively, Nick has completed considerable research as part of his Master’s program. He has made important contributions to multiple externally-funded research projects based in SOE, was first author of an SOE peer-reviewed technical report, and is in the process of drafting two other manuscripts with expected summer submissions. Second, Nick has seamlessly adapted across multiple rolls during his time as a graduate student. He began as a research assistant and transitioned to a teaching assistant. During his time as a teaching assistant, Nick supported 4 different courses and faculty. He is an outstanding teaching assistant, who communicates very well with students and is an asset to faculty-members. In addition, Nick has done substantial undergraduate research mentoring, including helping SOE faculty advance multiple independent capstones, mentor Maine Top Scholar Students, and design innovative undergraduate research learning experiences. Notably, he will play a leadership role in mentoring undergraduate researchers this summer in a SOE-based interdisciplinary undergraduate research collaborative led by Dr. Caroline Noblet. The SOE Community celebrates Nick’s impressive achievements, recognizes his tremendous contributions to the students and faculty, and wishes Nick continued success.